Chris Stapleton and Tyler Childers...


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Apr 21, 2005
Chris Stapleton was in Prestonsburg Walmart today buying supplies for flood victems. Tyler Childers was in town helping flood victems clean up too..
Just so you know thats not being broadcast by any outlet.. They just showed up to help and were seen by local folks who asked for pics and what not..
Home boys...


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Aug 22, 2006
You can't get there from here.
My local county seat has activated a curfew due to looting. I mean most people are really good folks here but there’s some bad apples too thst will do anything.
To me, the low lifes that take advantage of situations like this should be shot on site. It shows a total lack of humanity. Same with roof companies that do this after a tornado. I just don't think you should be penalized for killing people like this and removing them from society.

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