Chinese spy balloon floating over US.


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Oct 29, 2004
This just in: A very clear photo of the chinese craft somewhere over Missouri. We are doomed...



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Jul 28, 2008
I’m so damn mad about this it’s hard to put into words. The ballon is concerning. Satellites move very fast and are only over an area for a short period of time whereas a ballon can linger for much longer periods of time. It can be used to deliver an emp or a biological agent. The military stated earlier this thing was maneuverable. My main concern here is what is this thing communicating with that may already be on the ground? What is it turning on or turning off?? Since most of our electronics have been made overseas for the past few decades who’s to say there isn’t a source code hidden in every day items that this thing is communicating with? Even if it is a dry run or something that was blown off course it should have been blown out of the sky the second we found it. Apparently Bidens approach to our airspace is the same as it is for the boarder.


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Nov 16, 2013
Northern Kentucky
Do you think that we just now know of this balloon? I would think that they had been observing it as it came across the ocean. No one said anything until it crossed over into Montana.
How is the damn thing supposed to get back to China???
There are too many questions to even count. None of this makes sense and I trust our federal goobermint less than I do the Chinese.

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