Charles Booker


12 pointer
Sep 23, 2005
In The Tree Next To Ya
Have you seen his campaign ad where he has a noose around his neck.
I cannot imagine that he thought it would help him in his run for the US Senate.
Jackass. The race card has been so overplayed its become irrelevant. When will people understand race has nothing to do with it? Having some effing common sense and standing on your own merits without pandering to a victim mentality speaks volumes more than ones skin tone.


6 pointer
Jul 29, 2019
All he’s doing by this little stunt is pandering to the far left. The right will be inflamed by it and most likely it will push more of those in the middle to vote for Paul. His add will be loved in the Democrat strongholds like lex and Louisville and he’ll be a hero. It’ll work way against him everywhere else and he will loose this election by a huge margin. Not just because of the ad but because of his entire strategy and campaign.