camping trip in June


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Sep 1, 2011
Eubank, Ky
Don't forget a good knife and a hatchet/ax for the firewood. I also always take some kind of wet wipes, especially in the summer. Now I'm a big hairy man and probably sweat a bit more than most but it doesn't take long in the heat of the summer to work up a good stench. After 3 days, I can't even stand to smell my self lol. A quick wh**e bath with wipes can be life changing. Like the rest have said, enjoy it most of all.


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Nov 16, 2006
Eastern Kentucky
We got water, we have 4 zippos, a few box cigarette lighters, and grill lighters, cast iron cookwear and utensils before we go I’ll go shopping everyone going is putting in $10 for food, and I’ll make sure we have tarps ice and a good cooler!
You'll need more than $10 for groceries unless you plan on living off the land...we're camping this weekend, spent $120 just for three people and didn't hardly buy anything....dang!

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