camping trip in June

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Feb 3, 2015
Load up your backpack and hike the Shelltowee trail. Runs from north of Morehead down to Pickett state park in TN. 330 miles. Pick a section. Leave a truck there, and hike to it.
I did about 60miles of it a few years back, from Cave Run to Natural Bridge. Real good time. We usually do a wintertime hike in February but that can get a little raw.


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Jul 13, 2003
Louisville, KY.
Me and a friend are planning a 3-4 day camping trip in June. anyone got tips to have a smooth camping trip?

Sounds fun. Back when I was your age and during the summer, me and a few buddies would take a canoe trip down the Elkhorn Creek and come out at the Kentucky River--where one of the pal's brother would pick us us and head back to Frankfort via boat. It took us about 2 or 3 days (depended on where we started) to get thru it.

We'd only take a can of beans, a .22 and a fishing pole. So you needed to hunt or fish if you were going to eat. The beans were for emergencies. LOL Yeah, we had tents. Back in those days (early 70's), we thought we lived in Daniel Boone's day and never considered, when we were camping in arbitrary places, chopping up stuff, etc, we were actually trespassing on someone's property. We were all so enamored and fascinated with the pioneer days, it seems it never crossed our minds. I guess lucky for us, people in those days didn't canoe or kayak much and we pretty much had the creek to ourselves.

But what you're going to do this summer sounds like a great experience and you'll never forget it.