C.O. Ability to question you while hunting


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Nov 16, 2013
Northern Kentucky
A police officer has the right to pull you over just to check to see if your license, ins., and registration are all kosher. The CO has the same right in the woods while you are hunting, or doing anything else that would constitute you needing a lic., etc to do thay activity. If you are not hunting or participating in any kind of activity that would cause you to need a license, tag, etc., you don't have to show them anything. There is a fine line there that many people don't understand. Its really not that confusing when you really think about it.
Most of the time it is best just to cooperate and allow things to go smoothly without any problems. Remember, they are law enforcement and are approaching people they dont know who have guns. They don't know who hates them and who likes them. Just show them respect and they should do the same.

If a cop pulls you over just to "check your papers"....he has blatantly disregarded the constitution.


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Nov 16, 2013
Northern Kentucky
That's what I'm trying to say! Plain and simple....it is not a right to hunt and fish just like it is not a right to drive a car. Those are things you choose to do and there is nothing wrong with them making sure your playing the game the way you should.

I would argue that it is every citizens right to hunt and fish far before it is their privilege to drive.


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Nov 16, 2013
Northern Kentucky
4th Amendment seems to have holes you can drive an F250 through when it comes to COs.

Oh my I love this thread and you sir absolutely get it. Perfect quote. I'm also failing to see why hunting and fishing is nit a right? Why have we ceded this authority to the almighty government? Is breathing a right mentioned in the constitution? How about drinking water? Are either as heavily regulated as hunting?
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Aug 24, 2012
No,that police officer doesn't have the right to pull you over just to check. No probable cause...bad cop...no donut.
But he has the right to drive behind you and run your tags to make sure you are legal, no warrants, have insurance, etc etc. CO would be doing no different by checking your license and info. He doesn't have the luxury of hiding in the distance and running a face scan. If the CO is out there keeping the idiots at bay, then I'll gladly climb down and show him my license.

KY Helim

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Jun 13, 2014
I respect all the game laws and the authority but since were on the constitution I'll throw my 2cents in. My guess is when the constitution was written hunting was something people done all year round to feed their families. So in the scheme of things it's just another revenue maker for the government. I agree with need laws and season and we also have a need for game wardens and officers but they need to focus on more serious crimes than what they do sometimes


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Jun 12, 2005
" Between the Rivers "
Jd I love you but couldn't disagree more. Co's are granted soooooo much authority....it basically throws the constitution out the window. They are given the ability to enter private property without a warrant. They are allowed to "contact" the general public without due cause. They can basically do whatever they want. For what? Let's not act like they fund themselves from busting poachers and trespassers (the bad guys). They overwhelmingly get their money from license fees and from citing basic infractions.

I understand your opinion here and without reservation can respect your point of view. Which from certain aspect of authority or powers granted CO's I could see why some people would take issue in comparison to other law enforcement.

But I just see it differently considering what their charged to protect. It's just not the same as typical law enforcement situations. If we limited them to only blacktop or public areas and required consent before entering private property.... there would be no way they could do the job we want them to do. Your just not going to find those violating our game laws or gather the evidence needed to build a case in court standing at the gates to properties. We would render them useless to strip those powers from them.

Which as in all law enforcement we can find the good and bad. No doubt some can be overzealous in their approach and others can be a credit to the badge. CO's are not immune to this.

I've just always felt it was my responsibility to be legal and understand the laws to the best of my ability. Being stopped by any law enforcement to check license is nothing I take issue with. Fact is it proves to me their doing their job were paying them to do. Which if your legal and following the law there's nothing to worry about.

Again though.... I do understand your opinion here.

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Oct 14, 2009
I know the jordanc57 and he is as law abiding as they come. I can't believe the things I've read in this thread. I guess I had never thought about drivin and hunting as privelages but it burns me up to hear that now. You mean we pay all these taxes on gasoline, income etc so the government can have all these roadways and then its our privelage to drive on them? What a joke. And if we didnt have game laws we would kill the deer to extinction like in the past. But once again the government has over stepped its bounds by allowing a CO to come on to private property on a whim. Without reasonable suspicion. It's really sad that most peiple are brainwashed into thinking "what would we ever do without the beloved government babysitting us and watching over us." I'm in disbelief that so many on here want to accuse the OP of being a criminal. He's actually an upstanding citizen who appears to believe the government is out of control. How could it be a pprivilege to kill an animal for food? Is it the governments animal? I'm sure that is what they believe. God gave us deer for food. Not Obama


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Apr 4, 2010
The money is generated from fishing, hunting, and boat registration. Very little and I mean very little money is generated from citations. Most people forgot how it was just 50 years ago. No deer, no turkeys, and no elk, because people felt that they should be left alone. Leave the law abiding people alone and let them hunt. What happen to that? Hunted the animals to near extinction in the state. How do you tell a law abiding hunter from one that is not? I know you will state the Depression is at fault, partially so. But what about after that time? Longshanks, you state CO's are granted soooo much authority. It is not so much, it is just different authority to deal with the type of law that needs to be enforced. Wildlife belongs to everybody in the state. If people want to have their own, put a high fence around their property and have at it. I don't mind being checked where ever I am at. I know I am partaking in a privilege not a right. Yes, the law was changed to say hunting was a right. This was used to change the wording to keep legislatures from having an easy way of stripping us of a historic past time, we call hunting. I learned a long time ago, it is hard to have a battle of wits with someone that shows up unarmed. We live in a great country because we have laws that govern people who think they know best.


Dec 12, 2001
Garrard County, Ky
i appreciate the cos....and state troopers and sheriffs and deputies. If one of them wants to see my hunting license or drivers license, i'm happy to comply. I do not see them as "the enemy," i see them as friends. I respect them, because for the job they do, they deserve to be respected.

x2.............I'd be tickled just to see my local CO out doing his job.
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Aug 18, 2008
Zone 1
They have been writing speeding and driving tickets here in pike county for a while. I see them all the time have someone pulled over.

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May 15, 2010
My wife had a bad car accident, first law enforcement to show up was a CO. He made sure she was OK and got her out of the cold into his truck until the other LEO's showed up.

First one to come and check on me when we had the ice storm was our CO and I believe you live in Muhlenberg don't you,Duster so we are probably talking about the same guy. Can you imagine how much game there would be if we didn't have em !There just doing their job !!!!!!!!


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Apr 30, 2005
LaGrange, KY
"Is it the governments animal?"

yes. . .its the governments animal. . .and WE are the government. That also means it is not YOURS. You can't just shoot an animal any time you wish in any way. It is a privelege, not a right. We don't pay for rights. We pay for priveleges (drivers license, hunting license, etc.).

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