Buying out-of-state rifles


10 pointer
Feb 4, 2008
Here's something else to consider. While selling to an instate buyer is legal, you can't sell to a felon no matter where he lives. If you are selling to someone unknown to you, the best way is to sell is through a FFL. Unless your name is Hunter Biden, there are very serious fines and jail time associated with illegal firearms sales and purchases. One of the most common violations is the straw buyer purchase.
I take it if I sold it to someone in Indiana I would have to take it to a firearm dealer first. My ex and I sold guns over the years and never had ffl to conduct the new registration. My grandfather traded guns and he never had to mess with that. We always planned that if someone did get killed, we would just say that it was stolen. Anyway. I have a Savage 270 with scope, sling, and shells for $300.

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