Buck or Doe?

Nov 7, 2021
I’ve seen this deer several times during hunting season. This particular day it walked behind me on a side hill so it was 10 yards looking right at me. It was small and looked young. I would guess the weight at about 110 lbs. and looked 1.5 years old. This deer has more than 20 points going in every direction. I tried to count them and couldn’t. It never occurred to me until I shared it with a few friends that it maybe an antlered doe. I looked up pics of antlered does and many have antlers like this. What are your thoughts? Is this an exceptional young Buck?


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Nov 13, 2003
Foster, KY, USA.
Can't be sure but it kinda looks like a nut sack showing in that last pic.
Same. Usually antlered does' racks don't loose their velvet and are even more gnarly then that one. Not always though. Very interesting deer regardless. Hope you can at least get some more pics of it next year.


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Jun 19, 2016
Very interesting. Cool lil rack with a lot of potential it looks like. I'm not positive on buck or doe. Looks to be undercarriage but hard to tell for sure
Nov 7, 2021
I am leaning towards Buck for sure. I studied the videos and pics and think I see it as well. Another interesting point it was all alone both times I saw it. Most of the does in my area have always been in at least pairs, three or four. I haven’t seen many single does. I really hope nobody shot it the potential to be a superstar is definitely there. I will definitely looking for this deers core area and trying to find those sheds this spring. The bases were huge and it did have two separate antler bases.


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Aug 21, 2007
the woods
Like someone said earlier with it being hard antler and not in velvet it’s a buck. Pretty sure antlered does will not shed their velvet.

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