Buck in barn stall!


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Jan 30, 2014
Henry County
I was going to hunt that farm in the pic I posted this year and the 89 year old woman that owned it died in early September and I didn't even ask her kids. Almost no woods at all just a few acres of scrub around a big lake in the back.


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Oct 2, 2005
Northern Ky
I agree! Happens quite a bit


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Jan 13, 2019
Owen co.
I hunt a farm that has a small barn with double open doors on both ends. I have seen deer run out of it several times as I walked down the lane to go past it to my tree stand.

When the toms won't gobble because they are hen'd up I have set my blind up near it and caught a couple of toms following hens into it to dust in the dry powdery dirt.

Stone Branch

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Jun 27, 2019
Lewis county, KY
similar to the op, a big buck hunter friend of mine in Iowa tried to figure out where a big buck was bedding. One day he walked into an old barn on the property and almost got run over by the buck exiting. He tried hunting the buck around the barn after that with no success. Ill bet that was a funny reaction he had because I saw my friend about jump out of his skin when a rabbit flushed in front of him.


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