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Discussion in 'Turkey Hunting' started by shaman, Jan 12, 2022 at 3:24 AM.

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    I am close to pulling the trigger on a Pedersoli Brown Bess. I'm getting a good price as it is unfired new/old stock. My goal is to shoot it a bit and then set to work, get the bugs worked out and then set to work taking a deer and a turkey in the same year.

    So far I've located a .735 mold from Pedersoli USA. I also have a line on some flints. I figure Track of the Wolf is going to have the rest.

    This is my first flinter, but I've been shooting a .54 percussion Hawken for almost 40 years.

    What goes in a Brown Bess possibles bag?

    How does one take a turkey with one?
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  2. countryboy3006

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    Jan 28, 2015
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    Best advise I can give you is to shoot real black powder in it. Try FF in the barrel and FFFF for the pan. It can be hard to find but makes a huge difference in flintlocks. They make a charger for the pan that is nice to have. Track of the Wolf is a great website for getting what you need. Not sure where you are located but the NMLRA has a big shoot in Friendship IN every year in September but there might be one in the spring too. Several vendors there where you can get what you need and don't have to pay shipping. Just make sure you go the first weekend of the shoot as a lot of the vendors leave a couple days after that. Other than that experiment with different loads and see what your gun likes.
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  3. shaman

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    Yep! 10-4 on Friendship. I used to go twice a year back in the 80's-- haven't been in ages.
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    Oct 29, 2004
  5. Little FR

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    This forum just turned me on to KYGUNCompany in Bardstown. They had real blackpowder in stock. You have to call 48hrs in advance but it’s cheap (for the times). I picked up 3lbs of FFFg. I asked how much they had, they said they didn’t know but it was a lot and I could only buy 50lbs a day. I was like…. nifty, 3 should get me, forever.

    Ive heard of folks using 3Fg in pan and bore in flintlocks. (You can even crush it more for pan if you have issues) Just have to load accordingly. 60gr 3f is equivalent to 75gr 2F. Killed a deer this year (pass through) with 60gr 3f in sidelock. Killed my buck last year with 30gr 3f in sidelock pistol (pass through).

    Hope you buy it and give us a full range then hunting report.
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  6. shaman

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    10-4 on that. I've been looking around Cincy and I've yet to find and of the Sacred Black. I may have to run down to Bardstown. You bet that I'll give a full report. If I manage to pull off a deer and a turkey, I'll be shouting it off the barn roof.
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    Jun 28, 2012
    My dad has restored a Bess or two and probably still has one tucked away…
    Seems like I remember seeing an early 1800s model just a while back but may have sold it. Those Pendersoli’s are nice. Enjoy!
  8. shaman

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    It has always seemed like the ultimate general purpose front-stuffer-- kind of the Chevy truck.

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