Breach plug STUCK!!!

Discussion in 'Muzzleloaders' started by IDHunter, Mar 17, 2010.

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    Actually it's not as bad as it sounds. It is a method used all the time for restoring fine parts that have suffered damage do to rust and is the least destructive way to remove rust. You can take a nut and bolt that has been buried in the ground for 20 years and has rusted so bad that you'd never get it loose with any other method, put it through electrolosis and the rust just dissolves away leaving the nut and bolt usable again. Just trying to help.
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    Soak it in PB Blaster, be patient and pray it comes loose.
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    well. can we have an update?
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    What CanisMajor said

    Kroil is the best stuff I have ever use.
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    I had one get stuck as well - after trying everything and more (and alot of suggestions that the guys here have given you), I sent it to the CVA repaire center. For around $25 they removed it, and put in a new plug. Just make sure you box it up youself. I took it to UPS and asked if they would box it up and ship it....I got talked up and down the wall for mailing a "gun"....all I was mailing was the barrel! LOL

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    What he said but i used some heat, broke one that had been stuck for 3 year's. Looked like a solid unit, my buddy picked it up for nothing the other owner said he had tried everything. The soak time on this thang was 3 day's before i tried it, after a little heat came right out.
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    Hello. First post btw! So I have the CVA Buckhorn I purchased at Gander in MI in 2012. I took it to the range and shot 3 or 4 rounds. Dutifully cleaned after the range. I knew nothing about black powder at the time and even asked the range master who was no help. So away I shot. Really nice gun and have no idea where the shots went as I was not sighting in. The berm behind the target is my best guess. So I did clean again after the first cleaning which was a few months after, and moved to CA a few years later. Half my muzzle loading stuff(cleaning stuff) was in storage for about three more years. Recently got a bore scope. It fit the Buckhorn and tried it. Well guess what? Yes definitely needed cleaning, surprise surprise. Okay so took it apart, didn't have all the stuff just wanted to clean it asap. Okay got some TC fluid, and plug lube and I have Hoppes 9. I found that the plug was STUCK! What A MESS! No one had the removal tool. I could get it online and wait again. Didn't want to. So I went to Home Depot and got the biggest screw driver I could find, 3/4" in 2 lengths, 8" and 12" and got the 8". Now I have stuff to do the brakes on my car, when it stops raining on the weekend so I can do it. I bought the PB Blaster as well. So with the new screw driver the breech plug wouldn't budge, at all. Okay so tried TC solution after a few hours, no go. Since I got the PB Blaster I'd give it a shot. Next day I got the new screw driver to it and not much effort, broke loose and out. Cleaned the barrel and looks like new except for a few white spots(not fibers from the patches) that seem to be present the whole length. Threads have some rust still any suggestions to remove the thread rust? I used the Bore Butter last time I took it apart, in 2013 I think it was. Still better than not using anything. I even used the Hoppes 9. I'm thinking a new barrel, maybe. What do you guys think. Oh I used the 50 grain pellets 2 of them with saboted .50cal bullets Powerbelt, if memory serves. I have the Pyrodex RS powder but not as brave firing that. I honestly thought the thing would blow up in my face the first time I fired it. Same with my Mosin Nagant. Closed my eyes and hoped for the best. In reality these are some of the best guns I ever shot. I have full confidence with all my guns with even the old Soviet surplus ammo as well as Tula, except that they make steel or aluminum shell casings. Not good for my .357Magnum Taurus model 66. Brass for that one is best. I even tried reloads, and some say you have to trust those who do your reloads. This may be true, but do you trust factory loads? How come? Aren't these made on an assembly line? Does some human being eye-ball each factory load? Someone eye-balled the reloads. I think it should be the other way around but that's just me. Anyway, let me know about the white spots and rusty threads. Thank you Ladies and Gentlemen. Troy Lawson
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    If it's in that bad of shape I'd be using either a copper scrub brush (or chore boy if you want to save some $). I wouldn't toss the barrel unless you have some serious pitting or loss of accuracy.

    Now, personal opinion time... Get some breach plug grease or anti-seize stick for your BP threads. Toss the bore butter. Use soap/water to clean and oil if storing. Toss the Powerbelts and buy some decent jacketed slugs like Hornady, TC, etc. if you want repeatable accuracy.
  9. Troy Lawson

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    I used a 20ga and 12ga brush which cleaned the bore fine(will keep to the .50cal going forward, did a number on those brushes though) threads are rusted still. The end cap threads A-OK by the way. Got the grease, CVA. Not sure where the Bore Butter is, it's in a box somewhere. I'll try the Hornadys, I have the Pyrodex Pellets and RS powder so I'll mix it up next time I shoot. So what soap and what oil? Any cleaning solution or method for this? I'll get a copper brush and try that. Any suggestion as to the solution while using the copper brush. I was thinking of Naval Jelly, no not from my belly button. I wonder if they still make it. So, can a rifled muzzle loader shoot the round ball .50cal bullets with the patch? Or only smooth bore? Still kind of new at this. Thanks Ataulbe1. Troy
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    So if its frozen in and after you give up on removing it.
    Just always clean it like an old precision or flintlock. Make yourself a bottle of the cleaner below and clean it before you leave the range. Simple but supper supper effective method of cleaning.

    Black powder cleaner receipt

    1/3 Murphys oil soap

    1/3 Hydrogen peroxide

    1/3 90% rubbing alcohol

    Store in a dark bottle like an old peroxide bottle.

    Pore a a libral amount in the muzzle then run cleaning patches on your cleaning jag until the patches come out white and dry. Very important to get all the moisture out of the barrel.
  11. Duster

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    Heat works just a little not a lot as does putting the barrel in a deep freezer for a couple days to shrink the metal. Get a ease out and get it as far in the nipple hole as you can beforehand then go from there. You will ruin the breech plug nipple threads but they sell new breech plugs everyday.
    Anti seize can be your friend when you get a new one.
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    Yes you can shoot patch/round ball but I wouldnt recommend it if you're going for accuracy. As far as oil, any gun oil will do. Soap, dawn and water. If it were me I'd be using bore solvent and copper to get any powder residue and fouling out of the barrel. Once you get the fouling out then use soap/water for regular cleaning. Oil for storage. And clean every time you take it home.

    Look at it this way. Its steel. Use something softer than steel to clean it, make sure you get the powder/plastic/lead out of the barrel, dont leave any powder in to corrode it, and make sure it's in a condition it's not going to rust when you store it.
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    I have 2 cheap CVA's that my son did that to. have not tried to remove them, bought a new Optima instead. Probably cheaper than a gunsmith.
  14. Troy Lawson

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    May 23, 2019
    Carmichael, CA
    Okay so I found a rust remover that was water-based at parts store. This is on my CVA Buckhorn btw. I used a 20ga brush to apply to the bore threads, barrel is clean and smooth at this point. Left it on for about 15-20 minutes. Microwaved some water about 2 cups. Poured into muzzle. Man it got hot. So started running dry patches through till they came out dry and clean. Checked the threads and no signs of rust. I started to work on the breech plug; some corrosion on the parts not threaded, face and base. So threads were okay and had lots of lube on them from last time I cleaned it, over three years ago. So it cleaned up okay has a little corrosion I can't get out on the face on the outside and near the flash- hole. So the flash-hole was blocked so I did more research on flash-channel and flash-hole. I did order a new bore plug just in case. So I got the tip cleaning tool and cleaned the flash-hole and is just fine. Last thing was to clean/check the flash-channel. So I tried the 1/8 drill bit on the new plug for fit, no go. Next size down was 7/64. So I just needed something to hold it into one of the bit drivers I have. I didn't want to use my drill on the plug, so spent about 3 weeks looking for this tool. I went to Ace and looked around where the drills and bit drivers were. No sense asking the salespeople since they might know tools but they may not know their inventory, so looked for about 45 minutes and saw all kinds of tools that might have worked. I finally came across the key-less chuck with the six sided hex bit end! So took the driver chuck and 7/64 drill bit and tried the flash-channel. So now all is well, it is clean, lubed, ready to store and shoot next I go to the range. Anyone know what the size of the flash channel for the 209 breech plug AC1678 is? Where I can find the spec for this breech plug? Thanks, Troy

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