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  1. Bowfishing at Barkley an KY dams need to be watched closer by c/os.I was down there Fridaynight fishing an you couldn't hardly breath for the smell of dead fish that people has shot an not took with them like they are supose to.An yes this was from bowfishing there was many gar with arrow holes in them.if these guys are gonna do it they could take them with them instead of throwen them up on the bank where everyone that goes to the dams has to smell it.Its 10x worse than norm.:mad:
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    Sep 25, 2008
    Being an avid bowfisherman I know what you are talking about. People don't realize the impact that this is going to have. If this dumping continues I am afraid that there are going to be severe consequences to pay. If people are going to dump fish at least cut the swim bladder so that they sink and dont lay on the top, or on the bank! I hate pulling up to the ramp to go bowfishing and seein dead fish layin around, I feel that everyone is lookin at us, saying those are the guys doin this... We always take all of our fish and dump them on our own land. If you see someone dumping fish, please call the co's. This has got to be stopped or I fear that bowfishing is going to be stopped.
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    I'd rather have to smell dead fish than look at the empty bait containers and beer bottles that the bank fishermen leave. I was below Barkley Dam a while back and it looked like a landfill along the rip-rap. No excuse for that. If you pack it in, pack it out.

    Many of the dead fish are of very invasive species like big head carp. I personally think the bowfishermen are doing sportsfishermen a favor by killing them. As far as what others are going to think or say, they want to destroy our rights to hunt and fish anyway so I say let them smell dead fish.
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    They need to haul out their dead bowfishing kills. It is disgusting to have dead carp and gar rotting in the sun along the banks. You can't fish when all that crap is left to rot. I personally stepped on a large bloated bowfished carp when when I was playing a fish and not watching where I stepped. My foot broke smooshed into the carp and coated my foot and tiva with rotted carp(not at Barkley). I believe it's actually against the law to just leave em lie when you shoot them.
  5. Yea the trash thing makes me mader than hell also.theres no reason for it other than they are lazy *****.
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    I certainly may have missed it, but I have never seen a regulation mandating that the fish must be hauled away from the water. There's nothing in the current guide about it.

    Perhaps if there is such a regulation, it needs to be in the guide and some of that would be halted.
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    As far as I know... Kentucky / KDF&WR does not have any wanton waste laws concerning fish or game making such acts illegal. There might be some federal laws on waterfowl ... just not sure.

    As long as it was taken legally... license/ method ...ect.... theres no law saying it has to be removed from field or water.
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    being a bowfisherman i hate to see dead fish at the ramps or on the bank it is just as easy to take them with you or take them down river stick a knife in the swim bladder & they will sink as for the law you can throw any rough fish back in the water (dead or alive) that dont have a size or creel limit on them (catfish & spoonbill).the trash is about as bad as i have ever seen it also. you ought to leave it better than you would want someone to leave your own land. Dont let a few bad apples ruin it for everyone. If you see someone doing it get a lic # truck, boat description turn them in or take a picture let the kdfw take care of it.
  9. hitch

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    Jan 16, 2008
    It doesn't matter whether it is legal or illegal. What matters is doing the right thing, period.

    I don't bowfish, don't care to either, however those that do might want to think past the end of their nose or one day suffer the loss of the opportunity because of their own actions.
  10. I dont think turnen them in will do any good.I know this guy that got busted baiting tirkeys an all he got was a very very small i dont think they would do anything to one for throwing a trash fish on the i said above the trash is a bunch of bs also im glade that im not one that leaves it!
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    Apr 10, 2005
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    Ethical archers should eat their fish or dispose of them in a responsible manner. Many rough fish are good table fare if prepared properly. Considerate sportsmen and women who don’t eat their catch should not simply dump a day’s harvest of fish at the public boat ramp or any area that may be offensive to others.

    I got this from the kdfwr website looks like there are no regs for leaving dead fish on the banks.

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    Can't speak for those dams but the one we fish below have piles of dead fish & it's not from bowhunters.
    Rise & fall of the water leaves a lot of stranded fish.
  13. Alot of these are gar an the asian carp that have arrow holes in them an I understand there is some that get stuck by the water level jumpen an fallen.
  14. Jimmie in Ky

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    Theres what gets left by accidents of nature, then theres wanton acts of trashing the place. Leaving those fish there is harmful to the sport. They should be taking them home and composting them or turing them into pet food. It aint no fun fishing when all you want to do is puke. I like catching those fat little blue gill way to much to loose my lunch . Jimmie
  15. Burd1985

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    Fewer gar means more fat little blue gill for you to catch. Bowfishing is a public service and a great sport. Way before bowfishing came along, all the bank fishermen would dispose of their clean fish in the public dumpsters which was the worst stench I have ever experienced.

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