Bow hunting during gun.. but why?!

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    Oct 25, 2002
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    I bow hunt during gun season. I became enlightened and gained my freedom when I genuinely believed that the importance of the hunting experience to me shouldn’t be measured by the size of the deer.

    in my first years, I was unable to put down a rifle because I was afraid Mr. Big would walk out at 80 yards if I was holding a bow.

    In following years, I would carry my bow some of the time.

    After a while and having run out of room on my walks for mounted deer, I began to realize that I’d spent way too much of my life obsessing over B&C scores and deer size. Once I realized that it was the experience of hunting and simply feeling like I was part of the natural world that made hunting a joy for me, which had nothing to do with actually killing anything, I immediately stopped worrying about what weapon I was using or whether I shot the biggest deer in my hunting area.
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