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Nov 23, 2019
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HOL, your absolutely full of it. In those kind of weather situations all weather tight and water tight doors are dogged down and barred. Passengers are confined to their quarters or very limited acess to vessel facilities for safety concerns, you also did not go out on a deck that is subject to weather. In 30’ seas every deck on that vessel is taking so much spray you can’t stand out there. Also, from what I’ve seen of cruise ships there is no possible way for you and the officer on watch to lock eyes while he’s standing watch at the helm, because of the way the bridge is situated on the vessel and the layout of the bridge. Sorry not happening.

I would not fib to you, dear man, nor anyone else; moreover, I believe it would be utterly stupid to try to do so with a Captain about such things. I told you the truth and with no exaggeration nor embellishment. If I possibly said something which was inaccurate, it was most certainly not intentional. To attempt to clarify for you, the captain was behind a window off to the side of the ship, and that compartment extended outwards from the main hull. He was not located up on some huge bridge with many windows and crew members. What do you believe that compartment on a cruise ship may be called, along with its function, please?


May 28, 2003
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Well Sir, that simply dwarfs all boats/pwc's in which I have ever captained on the sea; moreover, I do love the sea, and so your job continues to intrigue me. Although I detest tourist cruise ships, I did have one of the times of my life, thus far, aboard one. It was in 2005, directly after I came off of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita in Louisiana. I no longer recall the hurricane's name, but we cruised directly through the center of it, while it was a CAT II, if my memory correctly serves me.

I had been aboard only one cruise ship, before booking myself a top tier suite as a much needed reprieve. It was a large ship and 14 day cruise. Soon into the cruise, the captain announced a meeting in regards to a hurricane, Q&A, and I sarcastically thought to myself, "Oh just lovely, yet another hurricane". Amazingly, apprioxmately only 25 passengers attended his meeting (probably all too drunk and missed it).

His second in command handled most of all, explaining that we had no choice but to barrel directly through the center of the hurricane, with 30' swells (some greater, I realized..., but such was not mentioned, of course), which made complete sense to me, but not to others. I simply sat there listening to everyone's questions and his answers. When all seemed to be coming to a close, I raised my hand and asked my own question, which was a bit more weather/wave related technical. The captain decided to take my question, asked my background, I answered, and his detailed answer caused me to pose a few more, which he was also kind enough to answer.

Due to his answers and overall demeanor, I was satisfied and placed my faith in his abilities (not that I had much of any decent choices..., other than God, of course, which I also did). I no longer recall but believe him to have been Swedish, and he was older than I, not wet behind the ears, by any means. Three quarters of the passengers, to include crew members, ended up within an expanded infirmary, most of them suffering seasickness. Such caused that large cruise ship to seem like a vacant ghost ship, making me enjoy all even more, because it was as if I then had it mostly to myself.

At one point with no rain, but with wickedly swirling clouds and massive waves, I stepped outside of my suite, camera about my neck. Not one soul was within sight other than that captain, whom was slightly below and in front of me navigating his ship, himself. The huge waves possessed incredible energy, with white water crashing all the way up to directly below where he sat behind his window, such a beautiful, exhilarating sight. I started to make my way to an inner rail, in order to secure my balance. He immediately caught sight of my movement with our eyes locking in an intense, seemingly soul searching stare, for what felt like an eternity as we studied one another during the midst of the sheer power of that storm.

I imagine he was simply concerned that I should be back within the safety of my room but then came to the opinion that I would be just fine, after a huge smile spread across my face, simply due to the awe of the sea and how all seemed to permeate throughout my entire body with raptured pleasure. He instantly returned my smile, and I could tell that he was loving every moment of the storm and his job, just as I was also caught-up within the magnificance of nature's glorious elements. It was as if we were quietly sharing a beautiful secret, with everyone else in hiding, too frightened to take in the beauty of all. Then, although he never moved, it was as if he had vanished, his focus completely dedicated to the next large wave before him, which I could not see from my position, at that point in time. I snapped a few photographs and eventually returned inside, searching for other photograph opportunities, after having cleansed my camera.

Although many may have possibly felt differently, due to having come down profusely ill, I realized that the captain had done an outstanding job safely navigating us through the sea. Being that I had the top suite aboard the ship, the captain's table was at my disposal, and we discussed all a few night's later over dinner, which was of further interest. I would opt for cruising directly through the center of yet another hurricane over busting through thick ice any day; although, that previous video with the penguins was extremely enchanting.

As for meth, I was told that there is an abundance within Kentucky, as well. That is extremely unfortunate. Hopefully that will change one day in the near future. Meanwhile, I wish to learn why Daffy considers mergansers to not be ducks and may research them now, being that I am currently the happy new owner of yet another bag of delicious chocolate covered peanut M&M's, which is approximately half full, at the moment. :)
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