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Oct 28, 2013
Huntress I would like to clear up a few things so I can get an image in my head on how to read some of your posts:
How old are you?
Do you live in Florida?
Do you hunt animals with a weapon?
Can we find you on any other social media platforms?


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Jan 1, 2018
Cynthiana, Ky
Yes please answer the above post huntress I’m very curious what a woman is doing up at 2 o’clock in the morning posting multiple Irrelevant YouTube videos on a Kentucky hunting waterfowl thread. Took a couple Ambien did you???


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Nov 23, 2019
Guarding my lovely bluebirds
Those are all very personal questions; however, I shall answer a few, just to be polite. Just before 2a.m., my well trained protection dogs, which stay inside the house at night, alerted me that something was outside on the property. I immediately arose to investigate, and I am always armed with a firearm, which I am proficient with, I admit.

Being that all was well, I then tinkled and went into the kitchen, made some hot cocoa and grabbed a snack. That fine chocolate kept me awake for a while, but I have always been rather nocturnal, anyway, and so I began listening to some relaxing classical music, noticed BM's nice thread and decided to educate fun Ed with some of it. I then fell asleep to a complete composition of Moonlight Sonato (which is much longer than what I posted). I am a native Floridian having recently arrived in Western Kentucky and am currently learning about waterfowl and more from you nice men.

Gentlemen, protocol is that you always refrain from inquiring as to the age of any lady, but rest assured that I am not a minor and am highly opposed to pills. I do not use other platforms on the internet, for a variety of reasons. That is all.
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Nov 16, 2013
Northern Kentucky

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