Bird guns, talking shotgunning?

Discussion in 'Small Game Hunting' started by Happy Camper, Jul 26, 2017.

  1. Happy Camper

    Happy Camper 6 pointer

    Oct 26, 2013
    Update, the Benelli Legacy 28 was worth it's weight in gold up north this year.

    A nearby pawn shop had a used Browning Citori 20 guage at a price I could not pass up so I took it home. I thought I might try it out on pheasants out west instead of the Sweet Sixteen or Ruger. It's light and shoulders perfectly. My daughter wanted to shoot it so I threw her a few clay's and she loves it. I may take her to a local preserve, she is expressing a lot of interest in bird hunting. I may try to take her up around Cadillac Mi. for a few days of grouse hunting during her Christmas break.

    My wife just asked what I would like for Christmas, three things came to my mind almost without hesitation, Silver Pigeon, Ethos, and Affinity.

    Just wondering if anyone else has a wish list of bird guns I may need to hear about before letting Santa know how good I have been this year.
  2. Deadbeat

    Deadbeat 6 pointer

    Feb 4, 2008
    I bought a super 90 benelli montefeltro imported by h&k with the 21 inch barrel with screw in chokes factory. I don't know that I'll ever shoot another gun. I have the ultra-lite that will now get a lot of time in the safe. I hit grouse really good with the 1996 model with the short barrel, I really enjoy shooting it.
  3. hoene

    hoene 6 pointer

    May 8, 2012
    Northern Ky
    Have a Silver Pigeon and love it.
  4. RussBirdHunter

    RussBirdHunter Fawn

    Nov 13, 2017
    I have a side by side 20 ga. made LC Smith that I carry most of the time. I also have a little Remington special field in 20 gauge I pull out if I want to kill birds. First gun was a wingmaster 12 gauge. Weighed a ton but I lugged it all over South Eastern Kentucky growing up.
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  5. bgkyarcher

    bgkyarcher 12 pointer

    Aug 23, 2011
    If I ever got back into bird hunting, it would be a featherweight Franchi in 20 guage. Man I miss quail hunting. I never understood why anyone used an O/U or SBS on quail. Why just shoot twice when you can shoot three times? Daddy and I would kill 3 on a rise many times each season.
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  6. JGD

    JGD Spike

    Feb 3, 2008
    Nelson County
    I grew up using my Dad's Sweet 16 so when Browning announced a run of Citori's in 16, I had to have one. Bought it in 1987 and have used it for quail, dove and pheasant. Just recently bought a Rem 1148 in 16 and believe I will like that too.

  7. HeadedWest

    HeadedWest 6 pointer

    Nov 22, 2016
    I never believed in Santa anymore than the year he convinced my wife to buy me a silver pigeon.
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