Biggest deer you’ve ever seen on the hoof?


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Oct 7, 2015
As title states, what is the biggest you’ve ever seen on the hoof?

I live in NC, hunt KY and Iowa when I can draw a tag. Have killed a few in the 140s and one that may be 150s but never had it scored. Saw 2 that scored 161 in 2020 (one in KY one in NC) that were killed by friends but only seen two deer of that caliber alive, one in Cades Cove and one in Iowa. Iowa buck I saw 5x in a two week hunt but couldn’t get it done. Have multiple close to booners on cam but never laid eyes on em. A booner was killed on our KY lease by neighbor.

What’s your biggest seen? Biggest you’ve taken? Crazy how many I’ve had on trail cam that no one that I know of killed and never knew where they went to.


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Apr 2, 2012
Biggest I’ve ever seen is between 2 different bucks, one in Iowa when I hunted up there, we were guessing him in the 170-180 range, the other was in Ky the first gun season I hunted there. Coming back from Uncle Lee’s in Greenville, this absolut giant stepped out beside the road as we came by, solid 170’s type deer.


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Dec 1, 2006
Kornfield County,KY
Biggest typical was a clean 12pt on Old Frankfort pike in Woodford county.
He was 25in wide and tall tined,he would have gave the state record a run for his money.
Biggest Non Typ I seen was just around the road from my house. I seen him one evening
on my way home from work. Him and a smaller 8pt was chasing a doe in a field next to the
road. He had a ton of points going every which way. I would say he was over 230 BC, going
by pics I seen of big NTs. He was a freakin monster....


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Aug 29, 2005
marion county
i have a trail cam pic of one i got that is an absolute monster. it was taken in 2017. never saw him live and dont of anyoine that did.

i dont know how to post pics. if anyone wants i can send it and they could post it up.
would like to know everyones thought on it


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Dec 13, 2016
The one in my Avatar, this is his score sheet. 191 with spread, This is Buckmasters, [email protected] scored it 185, dont know why they were so different. This is the score sheet.
Saw one in 1986, Was bigger, not much bogger, but would have scored more, he had everything my buck had, but was a standing 12 , saw him 4 times, right before season, but never in season or anytime since.


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Nov 21, 2006
Fisherville, KY
At least 20 years ago at Fort Knox (Area 45) bow hunting December 26th. I saw an absolute giant non-typical that was 180" if he was an inch. Bases bigger than anything I had ever seen and points going everywhere. I watched him for 30 minutes at 50 yards with eight (8) does, and they eventually slipped past me just out of range. When he finally disappeared in the woods my knees were like jello. To put his size in perspective, while watching him I had a guaranteed 140" 10 point slip by at 10 yards. At that time, I'm certain I hadn't killed a deer bigger than 110" and I never once thought about shooting the 10. I still replay that hunt in my mind all these years later.


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May 27, 2016
Me and my buddy used to spend all summer cruising the strip jobs and looking at bachelor groups of bucks. One very close to my house had 3 bucks consistently. A 120” a 140” and one that I truthfully wouldn’t know how to score. A very symmetrical 10 huge bases and probably 10-11 inch g2’s but he is the widest deer I have ever seen in person. When I say he was an easy 23-24 from tip to tip I’m not joking. Huge body as well. Never did see that deer after summer and never know of anyone killing him


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Jun 28, 2012
Think we had a similar thread back in the day about big buck encounters. Most of mine have been on the drive but I had one in the woods that was a giant that still crosses my mind often. It’s a good thread with good stories if someone can find it.


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Feb 26, 2006
198 4/8" gross
174" gross
177 5/8" gross
197" gross
Unknown score on last one...


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Sep 8, 2011
Eastern KY
I have killed a 187” Non Typical and 175” Typical in Ohio and both looked good on hoof but the biggest I ever seen while hunting was in Ohio around 2009. Non Typical buck not sure on how many points as it was couple hundred yards away. But I have no doubt it would push 200”. My dad seen it as well earlier in season and this was before we ran trail cams. A true Public Land Giant. Always wondered if someone got him.

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