Biggest buck to date with my bow


10 pointer
Jan 11, 2003
Ky, USA.
I decided to go to a spot this morning that I hadn't hunted since early season. I had hunted it 3 or 4 times then and hadn't saw the first deer. I did see a couple bucks there last year in the first week of November, so I figured I would give it a shot. So I get in my stand this morning in a place I where the deer travel when coming through this section of woods. I got about 25 ft high in a black oak. Saw a doe after only a few minutes in the stand, but she came smelled where I had walked in and she wasn't hanging around long. About 30 minutes later I saw a doe about 50 yards in some thick stuff headed my way. Somewhere behind her I heard 2 grunts. The doe slowly makes her way by my stand at less than 10 yards. At this time the buck has just showed up where I first saw the doe and he slowly walks the same path toward me till he gets about 15 yards from my stand then he turns and walks straight at my tree, i dont have a shot because he is head on. He walks to about 3 ft of the tree I'm in. He stops and starts sniffing and i can tell he smells where i walked to the tree. He turns and I draw my bow as he circles around a big leafy tree and continues on the path the doe took. I shot him at 10 yards. I text my brother and he offered to come help me track it. After a hour wait we took up the trail and about 100 yards later we found him piled up. The date on the camera is wrong.

deer 040.jpg

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