Big Tom Down!

May 11, 2015
Wanted to tell my story from opening day because it was such a fun hunt:

I was hunting a field edge in western Kentucky with about 200 yards of woods behind me that led down a hill to a small river separating our farm from the neighbors. I got to my tree about 5:20am, and started hearing gobbles, the closest of which sounded like a pair of toms about 300 yards behind me across the river. I made a fly down noise with my hat, and then began yelping to the two toms. They were hammering about every minute or so and whenever I yelped. I called to them back and forth to them for about a half hour, but figured they werent going to cross the river, and would probably be stolen by hens at any moment. But, there being no other gobbles closer, I continued to call to them. At about 7:30am, one of the gobblers sounded like he had gotten a little closer, and maybe even crossed the river, but it was still about 200 yards behind me to my right. Switching between a slate call and a box call I attempted to sound like two different hens, and he really started hammering and I started thinking I had a chance. We went back and forth for about another 20 minutes and then he fell silent (so, so did I). I didnt hear anything for about 10 minutes, and made a soft yelp, and I hear the most thunderous gobble of my life about 100 yards to my left. This bird had circled me and came in on my left flank! Because I was on a tree base about 15 feet back in the woods, I couldnt see him due to shrubs, but he was gobbling his head off and I could tell he was likely in strut and trying to get my decoy (lone hen) to come to him. We went back and forth for another half hour, and, figuring he was hung up, I started weighing my options. My first thought was to sneak away from him about 200 yards, call and then move back in on him. But, not knowing what he could see, I figured that was a last resort. My second thought was to get real aggressive on my calls, and that is what I went with. I fired off some really loud yelps and cuts, and he got really worked up and then fell silent and I got my gun up. About 10 minutes later, a jake walks in from behind me at about 10 feet to my right, and makes a bee line to my decoy. I was initially disappointed because I thought that's who I had been talking to and couldnt believe he wasnt a mature gobbler. Then out of the corner of my eye I see a gigantic tom in full strut waddling towards my decoy from the left. He stopped about 20 feet from my decoy and started to do a little dance. I watched for about two minutes until he gave me a good shot, and dropped him at about 20 yards! Shot him at 8:20am. He had an 11 inch beard and spurs were just shy of an inch and a quarter--a true limb hanger!

This was only my third tom in about 6 years of turkey hunting, and it was the best hunt of my life. It was the first time I have really called in a bird myself and made the right decisions. Pretty exciting stuff! IMG_1085.JPG FullSizeRender-1.jpg IMG_1107-1.JPG IMG_1110.JPG
May 11, 2015
Thanks fellas. I know that was painfully detailed, but I like to read the stories of other people's hunts, so I figured there were probably some others on here that do too.


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Oct 25, 2002
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Congrats as well. I enjoyed reading your story very much. Your vivid, detailed description made me feel as though I was sitting right there. The only thing I'd change is more frequent use of the enter key to create different paragraphs. Long diatribes are tough to read in one long passage on these forums (and trust me when I tell you that, as the king of long-winded posts, I know what I'm talking about. :)

Congrats again.

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