Big Bobcat down!

Feb 1, 2011
Central Kentucky
Been chasing these critters for a while, finally scored on a big female. Used a variety of bird calls on and off from my ole Flextone call. Had maybe been there 30 - 45 minutes calling on and off. Had a turkey feather on a string out in front of me for decoy. Was in between calling sequences thinking about getting up and moving on, when something caught my eye, and here was this cat staring at my turkey feather. She was maybe 75 yards out in the thick just lookin at that feather lol. My first thought was "Ill be damned"

Well here come the Ruger .257, ready over the shooting sticks, handloads with 85 gr Nosler Varmint Ballistic Tips got er done. It was a good morning fer sure!


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12 pointer
Feb 16, 2019
Russell Co
Awesome cat! Looks like a hoss of a bobcat, congrats! I’ve killed 3 over the years and missed the only one I’ve called in this season.

As for taxidermist I always recommend Gerry’s taxidermy in Adair county. The man does great work on cats along with everything else. I will say be picky annd do research about a taxidermist for doing a cat, a lot of taxidermist that can do a good deer mount still butcher cat mounts.

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