Biden's migrant invasion.


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Jul 14, 2014
The Leftest Radical Democrats are doing this to insure new voters to keep them in power. If they succeed at this unlawful act, then the Republican party will never be able to win any election.


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Jul 25, 2007
And yet, we keep voting for the "...lesser of two evils..."
The sad part is I do not believe there are many true conservatives/constitutionalists in this country. A 3rd party would be great - I just can't figure out how long we'd have to lose elections before the realization was made that all R's need to switch to the new party?

I think the damage is done and I do not see the US recovering without IMMEDIATE changes....


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Jan 12, 2006
South Central Kentucky

What really makes me sick to my stomach is the blatant treason being perpetrated on this country by our own (supposedly) "elected" officials and they're doing it with taxpayer's money which we don't really have.

I think it's true that China has an endgame plan to dominate our Country by buying it up and corrupting our leaders but this influx of illegals from south of the border smells like drug cartels to me. Can that number be true? Two million in ONE YEAR??

I wonder how many public and private leaders have gotten a "visit" from someone representing a cartel who tells them that if they don't support whatever the cartels plan is; that they or some family member will be killed. What would 95% of them do about it? What would YOU do about it??

You don't have to have an IQ much above room temperature to figure out that this can't continue for much longer without a complete breakdown of our justice and medical systems.

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