Best Hunt

Nov 17, 2011
This morning I had my 8 year old daughter go to the blind with me trying to get her first deer. We had 2 yearlings come in to the corn a little after 7 am. She got in the doe and let the .270 eat. The doe ran maybe 40 yds and we found her in the creek. Needless to say it was by far the best hunt I've ever had and we were both ecstatic with enjoyment. I couldnt be more proud of her and hope this is the first of many


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Little FR

12 pointer
Nov 10, 2021
West Kentucky
Awesome pics and story.

so about her camo pants :)

I read an article years ago in field and stream about pink being harder to pick out than orange for a deer. My daughter wears pink hunting. All my arrows and bow strings are pink for her too. Purple is pushing it on blue spectrum but in a blind, it’s all good.

great deer. Great story. Congratulations!!! Bet it tastes great too.

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