Best excuses!!


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Oct 17, 2004
There are some good ones here guys. Keep 'em going. I thought I was the only one that had a tree fall on an approaching gobbler.:D What about slippin' in close to a roosted bird before daylight, and I mean close. You slip a shell in the ol' auto, and ease the slide forward. Trying to be as quiet as you can. The gobbler has read the script. Gobbles 25+ times on the limb, flapps two or three times and sails out and lands within 30yds. You were too close to put out the decoy, and that gobbler is starin' a hole through the tree where those sweet tree yelps were coming from. You need to move slightly to the left to line up the shot. He's nervous, but no big deal. You move, his head is up, he's turning to leave, he tucks those wings, and you know it's now or never. You squeeze the trigger,"CLICK", the action wasn't closed up on the shell. You can't believe it, the bird is now at a sprint, your mind is racing, "What the hay" you shuck the action, the bird is gone, and the "only" shell in the gun is on the ground.:eek:
HMMMMM was that Benelli?


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Nov 2, 2009
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Excuse: Stupid#@$ Hillbilly Poachers

this one's also from Carter Co. Two years ago, my brother and I roost a bird on a piece of property we had permission to hunt. My brother takes my dad back the next morning to call this bird in for him. They get set up and the bird starts gobbling on the roost behind them. Bird flies down and hits the field, then starts making his way back toward them. Things are working like clockwork. Blue Oldsmobile comes around the bend in the road, and the passenger side window rolls down as the vehicle slows to a stop. Shotgun pops out and shot is fired. He misses, turkey starts running, and these idiots go flying down the road in reverse shooting until the turkey has crossed the field and is up in the woods.
My dad, who isn't used to hunting anywhere except his own property, and has never had to deal with this kind of crap, just sits there speechless. My brother already is already picking up his decoys and, shaking his head, is headed for the truck.
We ended up killing that bird the next weekend about fifteen minutes after he flew down.


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Oct 2, 2003
Henry,Kentucky, USA.

I set my friend up one time with a decoy about 20 yards at the most and told him he could shot about another 20yards past the decoy and here comes the bird straight to the decoy and just stand there for what seemed like a long time then just walked off.So I had to ask what happed and all he said was I wanted him to get closer.I told him he was only 20 yards man so what you want to do catch him. Excuse


Feb 25, 2003
evansville, ind 20 seasons i have been skunked only once, in 96. No excuses really. Hindsight being what it is, it was just one of those years one can have from time to time. I moved when i should have stayed put..stayed put when i shoulda to too far etc!!


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Nov 9, 2005
Just short of insane!
after haveing 5 birds strut and gobble in for a couple hundred yds{had him wearing a full face mask because of glare from his glasses}and the lead bird was close enough i could have grabbed his neck in a couple more steps,my son missed.when i asked why he didnt shoot earlier he finally admitted to me he couldnt see the end of the barrel on his fault i suppose since i didnt even think of anything like that.


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Jan 19, 2008
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Here ya go..

Here is one from last season. We get two birds to sound off before fly-down. We move to get in position. We get to within 130yds, and I send the shooters up another 30yds so I can "call through". Well they get in position, and no sooner than they sit down, they get up and walk back to me. I asked what was wrong, and they tell me that they can't sit there because they can't call for gagging!! Turns out, there is a dead cow within ten feet of where I told them to sit...:D


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Dec 10, 2001
Northern Ky
Big Fish
since he ate your fake decoy
to get back at the horse i would place fake ears of corn
(like they use for halloween)
in the area HAHA

woody wacker

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Jun 28, 2009
Flagg springs ky
Had a buddy of mine tell me he had one strutting in he was about 50 out and then the wind changed direction on him. he got winded and the bird went the other way :D He will never hunt with me if he stinks that bad that a friggin turkey can wind him


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Jan 19, 2008
In the nightmares of turkeys

Woody Wacker, I don't know about your buddy, but I can tell you that after that big horse ate our jake decoy,and then got nose to nose with bigfish68, the "Fish" had worked up a stink of his own. The "Fish" is a sizeable fellow, but when he is seated, and a full grown "Draft Horse" is nuzzelin' him on the cheek, can't say as I blame him. :D:D


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Nov 23, 2009
Golden Triangle
I know that some of you guys viewing this thread have some ammusing excuses to tell. Don't be shy. I'm waiting on bigfish68 to tell the one about my 'coon skin hat.:eek:
I almost forgot about that.We were set up on 2 hackbery trees on a ridge that had been gate post in the past so about 15 feet apart. It is just cracking daylight waiting on turkeys to start gobbling when i hear something walking behind me . I ease my head around to see a large coon heading for KYH5N1. I try to get his attention as the coon closes the distance. I finally give him a ppssstt he turns around just as the suprised coon notices me and jumps on the tree just about 6 inches above H5N1's head. They both made some kind of noise and quickly parted ways . FYI turkeys do not shock gobble at loud laughing:p:p:p

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