Best caliber for Coyotes and Groundhog

Discussion in 'Varmint Hunting' started by Big_Steve, Aug 28, 2007.

  1. Big_Steve

    Big_Steve Spike

    Aug 21, 2007
    Richmond, Ky
    I am eagerly searching for a new rifle primarily for songdogs and bobcats, but also maybe groundhog. I work in a gunshop so my life is hell when I want to buy a gun because I see so many I cannot make up my mind. I have been thinking about a savage .243. Suggestions? Personal Rifles? Pics?. I appreciate any input.
  2. Sand Gap Sniper

    Sand Gap Sniper 6 pointer

    Aug 29, 2006
    Sand Gap, KY
    I have a Savage Model 12FVSS in 22-250. I love it to say the least, it's a tack driver, and the Accutrigger is the best trigger I have ever pulled. If I were buying another rifle for coyotes though, I would probably get a .223, even though the ballistics for the 22-250 is a little better. The ammo for .223 is so much cheaper and more readily available. .243 is a great gun also, but regardless of which caliber you get, definately get the Accutrigger, I don't think you will regret buying the Savage. That's my 2 cents worth anyways. :D
  3. Jarhead

    Jarhead 8 pointer

    Feb 20, 2005
    Allen co. Ky.
    I've got a Savage model 10 with bull brl and accu trigger in .223. Its not picky at all with anything I've put thru it. Love it and for the money I couldn't beat it. Chose the .223 over the .22-250 because its a little cheaper to shoot. But in my opinion you cant go wrong with either round.
  4. Big_Steve

    Big_Steve Spike

    Aug 21, 2007
    Richmond, Ky
    How does a yote react to the .223 round? I didn't know that would be big enough.
  5. kidd rock

    kidd rock 8 pointer

    Oct 21, 2004
    Area 52 Muhl.Co., Ky
    I have the Savage 22-250 with the accu-trigger, and it is a tack driver. My dad has a Ruger No.1 22-250, which is widely known for accuracy, and my savage will shoot with it shot for shot, even when you "stretch it out a bit". I usually shoot hand loads, but it shoots the Hornady factory ammo really well also.
  6. weedwalker

    weedwalker 10 pointer

    Nov 27, 2006
    Bang, Flop.:D I use a .243 now, but that's just because I got a good deal on it. Started out with a NEF .223 and it did a fine job on them.
  7. strutin fever

    strutin fever 6 pointer

    Aug 23, 2007
    barren county
    i have a .17 cal and think it would have no problem killing a coyot or ground hog it is not a real expensive gun and is handy to have it is also cheap to shot
  8. varmentmaster

    varmentmaster Spike

    Aug 23, 2006
    223 with hornady v-max 50 grains will destroy coyotes, I also have the model 112vfss 26 in bull barrel, and it is one bad dude.
  9. ky chris

    ky chris 6 pointer

    Oct 1, 2006
    I just bought a coyote rifle this spring and did a lot of researching. The two main calipers are the .223 and the .22-250. I went with the .223 because that is what everyone said would be more readily available and cheaper.

    Yes you can buy cheap .223 ammo but it is aweful. Mine likes hornady .223. Most places I go I can find .22-250 ammo but not .223 because of the war; they use .223. If I was to do it again I'd buy a .22-250.

    I bought the Savage model 10 because I liked the wood stock and it was cheap, $419 with scope. I took the scope off and put on a nice Nikon 3x9. Mine shoots 3/4" three shot groups at 100 yards. I think that will do it. :)

    Other calipers are the .204, the .17 fireball, and the .17 hmr.
    The .204 sounds like a great caliper for yotes. It's really flat shooting. To me it's just not as time tested and since it is newer I wonder about the availability of ammo although I have seen it at some of the local stores.

    The .17 fireball is used a little bit but I don't like the reports of it burning out the barrels.

    The .17 hmr is only good out to about 125 yards and from what I have read is generally frowned about as a yote round.

    Your .243 will work great it is just more expensive to shoot and will possibly cause more pelt damage if you're into saving the pelts.

    Last edited: Aug 30, 2007
  10. Valley Station

    Valley Station Cyber-Hunter

    If your wanting to sale the fur, you may want to use "low velocity" hand loads or less destructive caliber like a 222 Remengton, with less hydrostatic shock hide damage.
    You will not get much for your fur, if you use a "hot caliber" that takes 5-minutes for all the pieces to hit the ground after a shot.


    Jun 5, 2003
    KY, USA.
    I like the .204 ,fast and flat
  12. rcurry

    rcurry 6 pointer

    Mar 29, 2006
    Adair county, ky
    I have my Dads old rem. 222 that I plan to try and thin out coyotes with. I am new to all of this so I'm learning as I go. Any advice is welcome.
  13. skeetshooter105

    skeetshooter105 6 pointer

    Jan 4, 2005
    Hardin County Swamps
    .22-250. I put a coyote down at a lazered 384 yards today. Neighbor came over and stated one was eating a new born calf in the field by my house. Asked me to try and stop him. Luckly I did. Slight crosswind, holding on the nose while he was looking in my direction. Figured for a 12" drop. Dropped about 18". Hit him in the midsection sending him end over end. He managed to run a short distance but has now gone to coy land. A good .22-250 with perfected hand loads is hard to beat. Easy recoil. Exploding bullet upon impact makes it safer. Next best is a good .243 loaded to max with excellent bullets. A good .243 will shoot dime size groups at 100yds. all day.
  14. Auk1124

    Auk1124 10 pointer

    .50bmg. Just look for blood and fur in the smoking hole in the ground.

    (Seriously tho, I like .223)
  15. KentuckyWindage

    KentuckyWindage 6 pointer

    Nov 4, 2006
    Glasgow, KY
    Like a couple others here, I shoot a savage model 10 in .22-250 with the accutrigger. IMO you can't beat the model 10 for value (under $500). With scope, the gun weighs just over 7 pounds, and it's the most accurate gun I've ever owned. I shoot the Winchester ballistic silvertip in 55 grain ($20/box from bass pro) but if you want to shoot cheaper you can. Wal-Mart carries the same box of hollow points for the .22-250 that they carry for the .223. It's like 50 rounds for $25 or something like that.

    My brother shoots them with a .223, my best friend uses a .222, and my cousin uses a .243. All 3 rounds will certainly do the job. I just liked the ballistics on the .22-250 better, myself.

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