Beshear trying to take money from the fish & Game Department

Discussion in 'General Hunting' started by Withered Oak, Jul 31, 2020.

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    Funny right there!!:p:D
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  2. Well written article Sir. There is a reason that KRS 150.061 states only the KDFWR Commission can hire and fire a Commissioner. This is to prevent a capricious and heavy handed Governor from meddling in the KDFWR management or affairs. This was set up this way to prevent the position of commissioner from being turned into a political appointee and thus be filled by the best ass kisser. It was meant to be filled by a fellow sportsman who likes and understands the needs of hunters and fishermen. It foresaw that some governors may be anti-hunter/fisherman and thus could adversely impact our sports. The structure was established to insulate the commission at least somewhat from such BS.
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    Damn shame that they didn't have the foresight to let the sportsmen choose the commission members as well to prevent such ass kissing.
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    It’s a highly politicized process that’s for sure.
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    Never been grouse hunting before.
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    I would like to see ALL Governors removed from the Commissioner appointment process. Let the votes of the License holding sportsmen elect our Commission and let them hire the CEO of KDFWR.
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    ??? Seems like I’ve missed legislators mentioning this?
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    Many would agree, but I guess this was part of the checks-and-balance mindset implemented during a time where it was taken more serious.
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    This was a year and a half ago.
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    o_O Did I sleep thru 2021 or something?
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    So it hasn’t been mentioned in session?
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    Not to my knowledge unless it’s in the impeachment discussions.
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    In my humble opinion, quotes like these are part of "the problem" that plagues our society. You and I probably agree on a wide variety of topics, but with the stroke of your ultra-wide brush, you painted all teachers/educators as supporters of AB. Not the case friend. I've been an educator for 20+ years and am a staunch conservative. I celebrate kids in my announcements on their outdoor accomplishments. I ask them to send me pics of their deer, fish, turkey etc. I encourage them to stop by my office so we can share outdoor adventures. I lead the pledge each morning and include GOD. I do my morning announcements during gun season while wearing an orange hat. The mindset behind your post is no different than "all police are______________, all black people are _____________________, all republicans are _________________, all democrats are _____________________, all white people are______________, all Christians are________________________. We can't pigeon hole people based on their race, religion, ethnic background, profession etc........ When we do, we alienate within our own groups........united we stand, divided we fall......I think I read that somewhere ;)
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  14. These appointments/ firings have been going on for years.
    It sucks but currently that’s just the way it is. We need as sportsman to get this back to a sportsman’s vote, not a democratic or republican debate or vote. Even if something was overridden with Beshear there is nothing to prevent the next governor from doing something unpopular.
    We need to figure out how to change the political agenda and influence into the wildlife commission and get the power back into the hands of Ky Outdoorsmen.
    I urge everyone to start calling and emailing their representatives about this, as that is the only way to make a change. We all vent on social media, but Facebook polls don’t change anything-
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    What is the status of the Commissioner position? Is it still vacant?

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