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Discussion in 'D.I.Y.' started by carnivore, Jul 17, 2020.

  1. carnivore

    carnivore 12 pointer

    Nov 17, 2007
    Most of you fellas know this kind of stuff but maybe i can save someone a dollar by sharing.
    So john deere is real proud of their parts. I failed to take a before pic but the holes in this shaft invite bends. (As does the terrain of my property.) And wouldn’t you know that JD provides a replacement for 70$. I failed to take a before pic but a 30 degree bend was preventing my front deck wheel from operating freely. It would catch and gouge the yard. 940BC948-4CB2-4123-953C-54751A0FD3AF.jpeg
    Trying to heat this with a torch wasnt working so made me a little impromptu forge out of old brake rotors and some charcoal. 5395CED7-43E2-4318-8EAD-D37934A0628C.jpeg 3CFE904E-68EA-44A7-A3C0-8BE3616B175E.jpeg Then i heated up the shaft for about 5 min till red hot with a little help from my leaf blower and pounded the sob straight. 1B795223-5DA3-462A-83B6-869773638FB4.jpeg A6707832-27E5-4C6C-AD78-E5EDC4C9B9F5.jpeg i heated it up again then quenched in a metal coffee cup full of old motor oil to attempt to re-harden. Dont use water! 8858250C-F1C4-4E4B-9903-B84AC2B39DFC.jpeg 5E7154EE-35A6-4C5C-BFB0-546E87666DB3.jpeg 856DF1BF-E3E3-4F25-A823-D1ADB0BB44A5.jpeg get er’ done!
    Im sure some of you have perfected this sort of thing, feel free to suggest better ways or let me know i did it all wrong.
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  2. chadwimc

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    Oct 29, 2004
    Looks good to me. What'dya hit and how fast to bend a piece like that to 30* ??? Asking for a friend...
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  3. dirtstalker

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    Nov 20, 2009
    Clay County
    Done good, have had to do that sort of stuff alot working on old junk.
  4. carnivore

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    Nov 17, 2007
    Stumps, rocks, downed limbs in high grass. It was gradual till the final bend at full low gear speed on a stump in tall grass i forgot about. I made it work for a while but after tearing up the yard Finally decided to fix. I did buy one to keep on hand as at some point it will probably break or i will want to keep working before i fix another bend. But i want to get as much out of them as possible before needing to replace.
    It bent at the last hole closest to the wheel and had the wheels set too far down. I set them low to prevent tearing up blades and spindles.
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  5. GA-E

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    Jun 19, 2020
    S.C. Kentucky
    A Rotor Forge... that pretty cleaver and a very cool idea!
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  6. ribsplitter

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    Jan 19, 2004
    Greenup, ky, USA.
    I may or may not have one sitting in my yard with the wheel shafts bent all to hell on it. I've been putting off fixing it until I bring a rosebud home from work. Very good idea using the charcoal brake drum forge. I may have to steal your idea.
  7. beauhunter41031

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    Jan 1, 2018
    Cynthiana, Ky
    Funny you should post that. My buddy bought a John Deere mower at an auction last weekend that had that same piece bent that was rubbing the deck badly. I slipped it out and a couple whacks with a hammer had it straighten right up.
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  8. bondhu

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    Jul 3, 2015
    Battle Run
    Again common knowledge gets shat done. Nice job
    You can use a file to test before and after hardening. If you haven’t put it back together yet. You can harden a couple more times should get you around 45-50 Rockwell. Also if you move the piece in a figure 8 ( or just move around) during the quench. It allows the
    molecules to fill in better.
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  9. EdLongshanks

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    Nov 16, 2013
    Northern Kentucky
    Absolutely. Phenomenal idea.

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