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    I watched a u tube video, where the bearded butchers ,compared the difference between grass fed ,and corn fed beef.They broke down each carcass, and layed the cuts side by side ,and explained the difference.They got a bunch of videos on u tube about butchering meat .
  2. Several years ago when the grass fed trend BS came around I told my neighbor who raises beef cattle that I wanted to try a grass fed beef and he laughed his azz off and told me point blank I didn’t know what I was talking about unless I liked to chew til my jaws were swelled up lol.
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    Oct 11, 2005
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    I think a lot of meat quality depends on the mother . Little milk the calf grows slower and meat is not as tender .
    I killed a bad / mean calf one time . He was still on his mother and weighed right at 1000 pounds ( I could not get this calf up to sell and he got big really fast)and still was uncut. He was so mean and hard to handle we could not get him up and he tore every corral panel we had down. I caught him and his mother ( His mother was gentle as a dog) in my barn one day and put him on my trailer . We took him to slaughter rocking my gooseneck all the way.
    This was some of the best meat we ever had . No store bought has ever came close.

    Cooking steaks ??? A lot of people who cook steaks want well done and usually cook to well done . But here is their mistake . Steaks keep cooking even after they come out of the skillet or off the grill hot.
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    My dad loved cattle and helped bring the everyday farmer into the big light, he developed angus cattle and took it to the top, we have an empty feedlot now because dad has passed on, he said it was his golf game, he was a true cattle man who loved his trade but despite working all the time pretty much took a loss every load of cattle that went out, no man at his age could work as hard as he did, could vaccinate 80 head by himself in the facility he designed and built with his own two hands, angus cattle were the best for the beef Mary for there being more gentle and uniformed, he liked his steak still bawling and if not a pool of blood on the plate he sideline it lol, he’s in the big pasture in the sky right now leaning on his stick and watching the cows eat, he loved that would just set for minutes and watch them eat and fling snot on there back, I enjoy it to but it’s sad that a man can’t make a living with it around here just not enough profit from each load, it’s a tax write off I suppose
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    Nov 23, 2019
    I have tons of cattle stories but won't bore anyone with them today, other than to mention our cattle grazed upon grass, ate hay, and licked salt blocks. We would fill our own freezer with enough for ourselves each year, and the meat was excellent. Others would be sold, whenever it happened to be their specific time. It was merely a passion of my father's, and I was the only other one within the family whom developed the same.

    I did return to the nice, country lady's restaurant yesterday morning, for breakfast. It was very good. We discussed the rib eye in which I had previously ordered, causing her to explain what she considered to be medium rare; what I had ordered. In doing so, I confirmed that she completely failed to understand the term. Now she knows. I may give it a try again. She has roast beef upon her menu, as well, telling me it takes her 16 hours to prepare and should be ready today. I told her that I am not a fan of salt within much of anything, noticing many restaurants overload their roast beef with it. We shall see how it tastes soon enough.
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    Milk fed Veal is real good!
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    Nov 23, 2019
    I have never tasted veal nor possess any intention of doing so, either. I even refused to eat dinner at one of my female cousin's wedding reception, for it all. I did order breakfast from the lady down the road again this morning and just finished eating it. We discussed her roast beef again, and she was honest with me in return, which I always appreciate in life, explaining that she believes it may contain too much salt for my personal preference. I intend to sample it, before deciding whether to order it. She is not feeling well again; so, placing her within your prayers would be beneficial. Unfortunately, she had to close part of the day, yesterday, I learned this morning.
  9. Where are these people lol? 9 out of 10 people I talk to eat their steaks medium rare to medium tops. Cooking a prime cut of beef past medium is such a waste imho, but if I’m not eating it to each their own.

    Off topic, but good story. I took my concrete finisher out for prime rib years ago for doing such a good job on my barndominium and we both ordered a large cut of prime rib. I ordered mine medium rare and my buddy the finisher ordered his well done to which I about choked. The waitress even asked him if he said well done lol. He sent that steak back twice because “it was mooing at me” lol. When it came out the 3rd time I was already reaching for my Copenhagen and when he cut into that $28 piece of charred grey shoe leather, took a bite and started chewing for 2 minutes he said “now that’s what I’m talking about!” hahahahaha. He talked about how good it was all the way home so who am I to judge?
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    Saw that as well good bunch of guys.
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    When someone tells me to grill a steak well done I will pound it with a mallet on both sides and seems to take the toughness out. If they chew it like bubble gum and don't swallow you know its tough as shoe leather. Mallet does wonders on steak seared to medium or mw.
  12. My teeth can’t take tough jerky anymore and that’s what I do with my jerky meat before I season and dehydrate. Makes it so a toothless man could gum it and cuts way down on drying time.
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    If that bunch of Commies gets more power, they will have beef 100 bucks a pound. They've said they want to ruin the beef markets due to their religion of that Global Climate change crap..
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    pound what or who? HaHa
    bring on that mallet
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    To each his own. I like my steak medium well. Anything more done than that, I don't like. I don't eat anything with blood running out of it. o_Oo_O
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