Bear Kodiak Recurve??

Discussion in 'Archery Equipment' started by taxidervin, Oct 18, 2012.

  1. taxidervin

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    Sep 20, 2002
    I have a 50lb recurve, just got it. What kind of arrows should I be using? This is all new to me. Alum? Carbon? weight? size? Broadheads you recommend??
  2. BR1

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    Apr 8, 2012
    I use aluminum arrows myself. You can use wood shafts and I've seen people shooting carbon shafts. I'm shooting a 2216 aluminum arrow but could use anything from a 1916 on up to the 2216. Wood shafts would need to be 11/32" or 23/64" spine weights. The carbons would need to be a 500 spine. That's my take on it anyway, there'll be others that may have a different view.
  3. Storkfish1

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    Dec 18, 2010
    Visalia, KY
  4. randy grider

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    Mar 15, 2006
    Burgin, KY
    I use 35/55 goldtips, full length, with a 100 grain brass insert, and 125 gr points, it will take that weight, and length to weaken the spine enough for good arrow flight at a 28" draw. Unless you are drawing 32", I can gurrantee the 55/75 are way too stiff,as are the 2216 aluminums,and 23/64 wood, bareshafting will prove this. You have to go a lot lighter spine with traditional bows, even centershot recurves. That "snap" on release is just not there like it is with a compound. Also that additional weight on the head gets you to around 500 grain,(recomended 10 grains arrow weight per # of draw weight) and will help tremendously with penetration. Bareshaft test shafts, that will tell the truth.
  5. randy grider

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    Mar 15, 2006
    Burgin, KY
  6. ksp771

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    Contact Bear Archery directly they will tell you what you need for your recurve.

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