Beagle Shot while hunting

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Feb 3, 2015
My beagle killed the neighbors rooster about 5 yrs ago. He showed up at my front door and told me what it cost. I paid him no questions asked. Had no idea a damn chicken cost $20....hell...may have been $40
I told him I would be happy to break him of the habit if he would let me put my dog back in the field with his chickens while wearing a shock collar. I was really surprised he declined.
I'd say my chickens are each worth at least $40, especially with the price of eggs.
The people who owned our house before us left a couple chickens. I put a shock collar on our Vizsla before we let him out of the vehicle and he went after them without hesitation. So needless to say his 1st experience with a chicken wasn't pleasant. He hasn't taken a 2nd glance at one since, problem solved.

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Dec 3, 2015
South Central KY
I was about 8 years old and an old cranky SOB shot one of my Beagles running rabbits on his growed up farm. No one was even there hunting with a gun.
I remember when he died over 50 years ago and I thought: "I'm glad you are Dead you old bastard." Hated him.

This situation with the Shot Beagle is terrible and all the stuff about other dogs getting chickens and calves is made up BS.
I didn’t know him but I’m glad he’s dead too. POS.

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Oct 25, 2014
Coeburn, Va
I'm not trying to be an ass but in another thread when it comes to dogs being in deer hunting property everybody is saying how they'd SSS and then here they are all pissed about a beagle being shot.

I'm pissed about the beagle being shot and don't care to say it would have been a very bad day for the person who shot it even if it was on their land. Just pointing out when a person thinks a dog is interfering with a deer hunt the tables are turned. I promise you unless a dog is chasing the deer they do not feel threatened by a dog wandering through a piece of property. I've rabbit hunted squirrel hunted bird hunted and coon hunted with a dog and seen deer each and every type of hunting with a dog and unless the dog chases the deer they pay no attention to the dog. Yeah they may run off but if it's an area they have a food or bedding source they will come right back.

In my younger days I have shit dogs for killing my chickens or other livestock, but as I mentioned earlier it was as a last resort. As I've gotten older I have become soft hearted and wouldn't harm one unless it but me or a family member, especially a child.

I've owned beagles and hunted them for years and just like Barney said they can be hard in chickens. I'm hard pressed to believe that in this case a dog running a rabbit started harassing any type of livestock and think the people who shot the dogs should be punished to the fullest extent


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Sep 23, 2016
My daughter raised rabbits for 4H. One morning making breakfast we were looking out the window and she said are those my rabbits? There was fur everywhere! Sure enough a dog got over fence and killed a bunch of babies and chewed toes off of many others. Well a week later caught the dog coming back for seconds! Caught it and took it to the “Train Station”! Few days later, lady shows up and says my dog may have been around … I said she left. No more problems after that.


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Nov 20, 2014
Trump town, USA
I’ve had dog problems before. And still get some on my cam from time to time. I’m not a dog lover. I’ve had few dogs in my time that I have got attached to. I’ve had a neighbor dog at my farm that I caught in action digging beside my tile at my creek and I didn’t have a rifle that day and after that my tile began eroding away. So I had a concrete truck to come in and I poured 6 yards over top of it. Later on talk to my other neighbor and was telling him bout that dog. It was a husky im assuming. I told him I said I don’t know who’s dog this is but I’m killin it first chance I get. He said oh that’s the neighbor down road dog and I told them to keep their dog up also cause I’m fixin yo get some calves and don’t want it over here. Well evidently he told them what I said. He never got no calves and sold the property and then other neighbors built a fence for their dogs and I’ve never seen them again on me.

But as far as the beagle hound goes I hate it for yalls dog.
When I was a kid we had 16 beagle hounds at all time for several years. Me and my bro took care of them, my dad too but we did the feeding and watering. Never had problem unless one was running a deer and dad shot and killed it. Not often though. But I don’t see a beagle hurting anything besides a rabbit or that’s what the intended purpose is ya know.
But if it was after someone chickens or baby calf’s, then you know what. Yea. But hard for me to believe it was after a newborn calf but strange things happen I reckon. I can believe the chicken part.
But who knows none of us were there and even the OP wasn’t there either. Have no reason not to believe the OP but I wasn’t there and neither was y’all.
I’m really not a pet lover either, nor would I trade a good mouser for songbirds and rabbits. I do love a trusty hound though whether rabbit, squirrel, or coon. No use for a mutt or porch animal. I’ve had beagles wipe out my neighbors chickens as a kid, I worked them off in tobacco.

I wasn’t there but I don’t think I ever had a beagle chase livestock. I could see one chasing rabbits though and likely catching tame rabbits. I’m just glad it wasn’t my hound shot in front of me, even if I wouldn’t hesitate to dispatch a pit if it acted least bit aggressive to me or my family.


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Dec 25, 2008
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I have zero doubt a beagle would kill tame rabbits, and chickens. I’ve seen my own do it when they got loose. That’s why I keep all of my dogs tied. But she has now made claims of them chasing and attacking her cattle and that the dog charged her daughter and attempted to rip her leg. All of these things may have happened in the past with the neighbors dogs. But no way in hell did a beagle do these things. The story is getting more outlandish by the moment. They stated they told him get his dog before shooting it. They even admitted the dog was squalling from him shocking it with the collar. But they didn’t feel like he was making enough attempt to get it because he didn’t call out vocally for his dog... I personally am starting to think it was a perfect storm. Trouble with neighboring dogs. Cows did possibly run some from his beagles chasing a a rabbit thru their field. Positive they wasn’t being chased. Then the beagle got the business end of a shotgun by being in the wrong place at the wrong time. That being said. I hope the county attorney presses charges. It’s in their hands now to make the decision.


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Nov 23, 2019
Guarding my lovely bluebirds
... Cows did possibly run some from his beagles chasing a a rabbit thru their field. Positive they wasn’t being chased. Then the beagle got the business end of a shotgun by being in the wrong place at the wrong time. That being said. I hope the county attorney presses charges. It’s in their hands now to make the decision.

You cannot make the claim that the dog(s) didn't chase the cattle, nor should you continue attempting to have your readers infer such, because you were not an eye witness to the mayhem. The dog is unfortunately dead, and its master should have already learned a hard lesson via all.


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Feb 21, 2007
I find it odd many on this thread that are ready to fight are the same ones yelling SSS when dogs are running loose on there deer lease. cant have it both ways. by no means do I condone the shooting of the dog but hopefully the hunters learned a lesson on teaching their dogs to come when called. all dogs can learn that basic command and it is your job to keep the dogs on the property you have permission to hunt.

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Jun 27, 2019
Lewis county, KY
IMG_0259 (1300 x 731).jpg

There is a big difference between problem dogs killing deer and a beagle chasing a rabbit under a fence, anyone correlating the two is barking up the wrong tree.



Jul 18, 2021
McKee KY
What a shame, I hate hearing about hounds getting shot. I hope those boys had gps tracking collars on that beagle and saved the track log. It would show where the race started at where the dog went on the neighbors property right up to the point of it getting shot. That would be your best defense.

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