Bartender ....pour another round.


12 pointer
Feb 21, 2007

Sometimes a solo hunt is fun. We are scratching a duck here and couple geese there but this water should help along with the cold snap in the forecast. Nobody had faith in this spot since there hadn’t been a bird on it in 3 weeks but me and the pup decided a hunt with just the two of us would be fun. These two did it pretty without a single goose decoy out.

B.M. Barrelcooker

12 pointer
Jan 12, 2006
Good shoot BM, how's pops?
To be honest he is having a real hard time.
I’ve been giving him daily reports on conditions and kills but it’s hard to talk with him because he can’t participate.

He has always been such a big part of my hunting and management plan that it is hard to make plans and hunts without him involved.

Love is so much bigger than limits of ducks or cool places to hunt . The years we spent together on the Ohio , Green, Pond, Tradewater, Cumberland, Mississippi rivers plus Barkley and Kentucky lakes and bayou du chein made a lasting impression on me and taught me so much about ducks and life and dealing with tough and changing situations but love and respect and companionship are what I learned .
Now I just think about that and count my blessings.

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