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12 pointer
Jun 28, 2012
Besides just slow smoking some ribs on my grills, I’m not an experienced smoker. Bought a little Ninja Woodfire and broke it in today with a frozen beef brisket my brother gave me back in winter. I wouldn’t give myself a 10 but it wouldn’t bad either. Cut some whole slices and shredded some for the little girl to have bbq sandwiches. I’ll have to rely on you folks for some good easy smoking recipes.
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Picked up a can of Barney beans.
No chunk of fat back. Guess they don’t add it to regular priced beans.
Get you a can of Showboat pork & beans, still has a big old piece of pork fat same as when mama put them on our table 50 years ago. Can’t beat them with a bologna sandwich, tater chips and a green onion. They’re actually made by Bush Beans since 1908 and taste the same to me as when I was a child in the 70s. They blow Van Camp out of the water but they ain’t exactly cheap though as far as P&Bs go. They’ll run you $2 a can ha.

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