barney's Cheap Eatin' Thread


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Sep 9, 2012
Butler co

Pork steaks last night


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Sep 29, 2015
The Berg
Thanks hunt for taking the time to post. Have a few different ways to try. I can make them taste good but hard to get them falling off the bone tender. Don’t like gas grill have charcoal but hard to control for a long cook time. Might need to get a pellet grill/smoker.

Charcoal is definitely my favorite for steaks, burgers, dogs, etc, I just don't think you can beat it. For longer cooks, the pellet grill is king. As Nock posted before, if you want ribs to completely fall apart just add time to the wrapped stage. I only go an hour wrapped and it yields a complete pull off the bone bite but you're still able to pick them up and eat them.