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Jun 28, 2012
Got home early and was in the grillin mood. Spare ribs, peppers and mushrooms, bacon wrapped asparagus, some garden tomatoes and mashed potatoes. Washed it down with a brew or three.


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Mar 14, 2005
Here is some free food in the fall. Definitely chestnut in the burr. But Obviously avoid horse chesnuts and Buckeyes which can appear similar of away from a burr

What do you do to eat or cook the ones That came off a “ Chinese “ chesnut tree. I usually just pick a few up and eat them raw if they are not wormy.

Sort have to pick them up quickly if they are on a road edge somewhere. The Asian folk in my area know where the trees are and will get them daily at daylight. I think they make soups and flour out of them.

As an experiment I cut some in half and cooked them in micro for 90 seconds. They were excellent that way. Imo. Crunchy nut flavor. I’ve never roasted them by an open fire as in the Christmas song.

Buckeyes on left. Chesnuts on right. Hope this avoids confusion for those who might not know difference in the trees. Chesnut almos always has the really long spines on the husks, as seen in pics above, and are on the ground around the nuts. Typically buckeye husks not on ground and the husks only have slight bumps on the covers.
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