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I cracked a tin of King Oscar wild caught 12-22 version just now. They are a super high end version of the cheaper sardines I have been used to eating in the past. Dang good sardines but I’m giving the WPs the edge right now.



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Aug 14, 2009
Lawrence Co.
I tried the King Oscar sardines today for lunch, and they were just excellent all of the way around! These sardines weren't just a quick nutritious lunch, they were a party in a can!

Of the brand's of sardines I've ate this week I am going to rate these at the very top because of the all around quality. They had the best eye appeal of all of the brand's tried. They had an excellent flavor and were firm fleshed. I was able to remove each sardine from the can in one piece. I also feel these were a better value for money even though the Wild Planet brand claims to weigh more. I will verify the weight of the meat the next time I have both brands in hand with a scale. The flavor of my top 3 favorites are VERY close, but Wild Planet, and Great Value barely edge King Oscar to 3rd place in flavor. Those two are just a little richer tasting than King Oscar. As far as over all placing of the top 3 brands, here's how I would rank them based on flavor, eye appeal, quality, and value. If it wasn't for the Wild Planet being packed in evoo, I would flip 2 and 3.
1. King Oscar
2. Wild Planet
3. Great Value brand from Walmart

Serving suggestion for, kyoutdoorsman:
I like the beans and the cakes but no sardines for me


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Oct 11, 2005
Everyone who likes sardines need to give the Great Value sardines a try. My wife only rarely eats a sardine. But with me buying different brands she has tried a couple of the cheaper brands over the last week with mixed feelings. This morning I told her to try a can of the Great Value sardines. When I came home from work she was (I'm LMAO at this point, because Google recommended words were: "cleaning", "gone" and "mad":)) telling me that they were the best she has ever ate!


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Oct 11, 2005
Barney I talk to my buddy tonight about the sardine issue. He laughed and chuckled at me. That's what he said. Put them on a cracker with a little hot sauce. I might have to pull up my big boy pants and try them this weekend. Out of the 3 you posted. Which one if less fishy
A good sardine is not fishy at all. I think you would like any of the top 3.


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Sep 9, 2012
Butler co

Well. I peeled open the King Oscar tonight and I have to say...they are indeed beautiful in the can.
Taste? Much less fishy as someone asked and Very Good taste. As DS said, they are a different minnow, But I liked them better than the Wild Planet.
Out of the top 2 old King Oscar is #1.
Nock, I'm sorry you had to eat your Coyote Bait.
More for coon if I ever needed it. If I was a coyote I’d just go catch a rabbit.

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