barney's Cheap Eatin' Thread


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Oct 25, 2013
Washington County
If you feel like experimenting pick up a can of the beach cliff mustard sardines, Get some saltine crackers and force them down remembering the entire time that this is one of God’s super foods and you’ll be twice as strong for the next two weeks. I was force-feed them growing up by the fear of papaw but thankful I was because I turned out to be super intelligent and stronger than an ox!!!
I started eating them when I was about 5, because that's what dad and papaw and everybody else that I looked up to did. I was just trying to fit in, and ended up getting subconsciously addicted to the dam things. I've eat probably 10 tins a week for over 25 years now lol


12 pointer
Jan 1, 2018
Cynthiana, Ky
Thanks to Wally World I’m on the board. So little things in life bring me such joy these days. With massive anticipation i simply must wait so I do not spoil my dinner plans tonight but will try the Wild Planet first to set the baseline then will report back on the following tins.

I feel like we've started up a whole new thread! Barney’s sardine reviews

Oh P.S to kyoutdoorsman. You eat the entire sardine, no picking the bones out or scraping skin off. That’s the healthiest part
View attachment 74619 Well seeing all these pics about sardines got me to want to try some new brands. Went to United grocery outlet and they had 4 cans of these wild planet sardines at $0.50 a can. Got all 4 and I gotta say best sardines I ever ate. Between me and my stepdad we done ate all 4 cans.

You stole ‘em man! I’d have cleaned them out at that price.