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    Okay, I just finished a 30 minute interview of an extremely nice man out of Frankfort named Derek Beard, whom mentioned that he is the current acting assistant director.of all KY WMAs. He believes that Ballard WMA was developed in 1955. He said that each WMA possess more files regarding historical information, and that Josh would have that within his office. I told him that it would be nice, if all were compiled and published, being that there is interest. Perhaps I shall work upon that over time.

    They could not do standby this year, due to the assessed risk of COVID, and he elaborated upon all. He said that IT even had to develop new code, for the current setup, which I am sure was a nightmare within itself. While there is no standby due to all, a weekly draw for Boatwright is the plan, with the draw being set for Mondays, similar to that of Missouri's. You apply the previous week. Some states completely shutdown their draws, but they did not wish to do so and worked very hard to arrive at what they did manage, working at only 25% capacity with most working from home, presenting its own hurdles for all.

    As for navigation and that old concrete blind previously mentioned, Mr. Beard suggested an app called ESRI RGIS. He stated that it indicates where each blind is located, as you navigate throughout the WMA. I was utilizing something else, simply in order to learn old dirt road names down in Ballard Bottoms last month.

    He lost his five points this year, and his son lost his, simply because he became so very busy that he forgot to apply; so, no preferential treatment appears to be ongoing, it would seem.

    Since that conversation, I was completely side tracked per call from yet another highly knowledgeable, nice man, a Mr. Yancey (sp?), whom identified himself as the state public lands biologist for deer. We spoke for over an hour. He said that he has worked there for 33 years and during all that time had never had anyone tell him that they used to hunt the Ballard WMA, prior to its development, causing his interest in my message regarding my father.

    I took so very many notes that I have not had time to organize them for relay but shall do so. That man was rattling off dates of old and what transpired, as if he were reading notes, when he was doing no such thing (excellent memory). He was capable of adding much information regarding waterfowl and WMAs throughout the state and elsewhere, due to his previous positions. They believe the significance of Ballard WMA being closed on October 15th was due to when the geese would begin arriving in vast numbers, back in the day.
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    I shouldn't have clicked "show ignored content."
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