Bad year,but good huntin week,3 bucks down

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Nov 4, 2006
berea kantuckie
Its been a loooong time since ive been on but ive had my mind on other things this year.I say its been a bad year because my biggest hunting buddy and freind my papaw died earlier in the year from cancer and its been really rough on my dad and myself these past couple months hunting without him.Hes what got me into hunting and my dad and myself have never missed a hunting season without him,so its an understatement when i say it was hard sittin in the stand this year.Now on to the good news.My dad and myself took the opening week off for gun season and didnt see alot of deer at all.But after all the rainy nasty weather got pushed out,the bucks finally got on there feet.Dad was the first one to put one on the ground on the 18th,a nice 8 with a 17inch spread and broken brow.The deer was very old and we have seen him the last couple years.The next mornin on the 19th i had a dandy 10 come by at 40yards running a doe,after the shot he only ran 30yds and dropped.Hes my first 10pter and im dern proud of him.The next mornin my cousin shot another nice 8 off the same stand i killed mine from running a doe.Nice mass and 17inches wide.All these deer may not be giants but after the year we had i think someone was looking down on us over these 3 days.From left to right is my dad,myself,and my uncle holding my cousins deer.

Nov 27, 2009
No's never easy losing loved ones...and it's not supposed to be. Be grateful you have many great memories to keep you occupied in the stand. :)
He sounds like he was a wonderful father/grandfather...and person in general.
Congrats on the successful hunting season.

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