Are these edible?

Discussion in 'Forum questions and help' started by JR PORTER, Jan 5, 2022.

  1. carnivore

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    Nov 17, 2007
  2. Stone Branch

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    Jun 27, 2019
    Lewis county, KY
    I ate some tonight out of the freezer, to answer your question, no.

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  3. Bee

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    Mar 14, 2005

    IMO Carnivore has given you a better oyster mushroom education than you will find in any general book on mushrooms. The one thing that I do not see portrayed in his excellent pictures are images of the beetles that often get in the gills of the oysters. Those little black beetles can vary in size from the head of a straight pin to 3/8 inch long. If you see a lot of perforations in the gills then the beetles are in there somewhere. You can pick the beetles out or you throw away the ones that have a lot o'holes. I usually discard the ones with beetle infested or visible holes because l seem to be able to find lots of these things and its not worth the trouble to deal with the beetles.

    IMO the best eating ones are the really small ones, like silver dollar sized up to 2 inches across . Obviously they are freshest ones too.
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  4. GTbowhunter

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    Aug 26, 2020
    I think you guys should probably watch this guy. He'll probably save you a lot of time.

  5. carnivore

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    Nov 17, 2007
    Very good point, ill add to look for their clear larvae as well. You can put them in a bag and freeze them for 45 min and wash em off, or toss em. I dont believe they are harmful. Your call, but people won’t appreciate being fed worms if you dont notice them.

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