Anyone use a 20 gauge?


12 pointer
Dec 13, 2016
Thats where the Leupold scope comes in- I was a red dot shooter for years, but I have an astigmatism that was starting to give me fits if staring thru it very long. I can adjust the optical relief on the scope and look thru it all day.
Im right there with you, i used open sights all my life, till a few years, ago, i could see ok, but never like a person was suppose to, I wear glasses, most of the time, for the simple reason, i just see sharper, I never really, patterned my gun once it is set in, so from, one season, to the next, never shot it. But a few years ago, First time i had looked down, the barrel, for a year, put it on a gobblers, head and saw 3 heads, lol, nothing to do at that point, but shoot, killed another, like that, and then went to a scope.I know the red dots are the going thing, was thinking about putting one on this 20, even tho, im not familiar with them, and never really looked thru one, i figured , i was gonna have to have the magnification, but wasnt sure, because i had never looked thru one, but after looking thru a few, i am gonna have to have the magnification. I can see the dot fine, and altho , i was just looking down the aisle, in a store, i can see i got to have magnification. Astigmatism, is a screwed up deal, now i have had cataracts, for about 3 years, and they say, and have been for 3 years, they are close to being ready to take off, but not quiet bad enough, for insurance to pay for them. I asked dr, what have you got to do be blind for them to take, them off, he said pretty much, and now i got early glaucoma, use eye drops and dr said when he does cataract surgery, he could help that, but i dont know if he is ever gonna take them off or not. Anyway, i can drive or do whatever, with out glasses, but have got to have them shooting, and as i said see a lot sharper with them for everything. But i got a vortex scope on a rifle with the v brite and love it, did great with it, year before last, but last year, i turned it on and saw 3 red dots, thought probably not the scope was my eyes, but i looked at a new one, and it was like that, can see black cross hairs fine. I think that is Astigmatism, worse, something about that stuff, on certain things, i guess im seeing shadows, when i see the 3 things, dont on everything, but some things, They say i do and i know i do, need new glasses, but they say wait till my next appointment to see how bad, cataracts are, because if they take them off, for sure gonna have to have some. And as i said, really only bothers me shooting, and i wasnt really aware anyone else had that much of a problem with, and i dont personally know anyone that does, but im glad you broke it down, in the proper terminology ,and not glad you have it in any means, but, I never knew how to break it down, trying to explain it to anyone.

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