Anyone fish Rough or Nolin???


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Jan 8, 2002
Morgantown, KY, USA.
I live near Rough and Nolin, I have always fished small rivers and lakes with a canoe and jon boat. I bought a Pro Team 175 and want to start fishing bigger lakes. I like fishing for Bass, Bluegill, and Catfish. I also fish for Gar, Drum, and Carp in the summer for fun. Where is the best places to start? What areas are good for Cat's? I have a fishing hot-spots map of Rough and will be getting one for Nolin, when I find one. What are the features to look for? Does anyone live in the area that would be interested in fishing with me? I have some decent equiptment and fish anytime I can, as long as it is not turkey season. I was cleaning my equiptment over the weekend with cabin fever and can't wait till the weather warms.



Dec 10, 2001
I fish alot of tournaments on Rough and Nolin, as wel as several other lakes.I mostly fish for bass, but I like to crappie fish in april, bluegill fish in May. For Cats, I would try main lake channel drops in the summer and winter. At Rough, there are a few good places near peter cave.

But I dont fish for these much.But if you wanna get together an crappie fih in April, let me know


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