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Jul 28, 2008
1.) 1974 in the Right Beaver Creek portion of Floyd County. It jumped across the county road in front of my motorcycle. I was utterly shocked by how far and fast it could move. Body was the size of a large coon hound and tail was at least 3 ft long. Looked to be in the 80-100 lb range.

2.) 1985 along the Knott/Breathitt County line in the Quicksand creek region. A very remote area nearly devoid of humans at the time. Jumped down the mountain across a fire road. Myself and three others were on dirt bikes. Larger than the first one I saw and lighting was better and timber less dense so it was visible for a few seconds longer.

3.) 2010 Greenup County. Did not see this one but found multiple tracks in mud located off of the Industrial Parkway. Track was larger than my hand and shaped wrong to be a bear. Bear's hind feet are more oblong in shape. Dog tracks are similar but much smaller and the main differences are that dogs cannot retract their claws and thus leave claw marks most of the time in mud. Same with bears. The Mtn Lion on the other hand will normally walk with claws retracted and the tracks are "Huge".

4.) About 8 years ago one killed my Sister's 120lb Male Lab. A week later it returned and injured two more adult Labs in her yard. Confirmed by KDFW. Three weeks later she sighted it once more. This was near Betsy Layne in Floyd Co.

5.) About 8 yrs ago, I was shown one that was killed by KSP Trooper in Fleming Co. Body was taken by KDFW. Was never reported publicly.

These are not the only sightings I know of. Only #1, 2 and 5 were seen by me personally. The others would fall into anecdotal evidence only.

They are exceedingly rare and very shy around humans. Do not normally frequent populated areas. Even if you see one, they do not stay in one place long. They roam a wide territory.
I saw a cell phone pic of one from one of the areas mentioned above. It’s not getting shown to kdfwr or really many people at all because these folks don’t really want government types or others snooping around. If I got one on a trail cam or cell phone I’d have to think real hard about sharing that info

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