Any ticks yet

Navy Bowhunter

6 pointer
Jun 25, 2013
Knifley, KY
Driving up to our property to work on the cabin and trails next weekend. Have you guys seen any ticks yet? Just wondering if I need to invest in some permethrin.


10 pointer
Aug 7, 2012
Yes. My wife and I had a total of 3 crawling on us last Sunday. 1 was smaller than a pinhead.


12 pointer
Aug 1, 2009
Jackson, ky
No ticks yet for me but did run across the first snake of the year yesterday. Young red bellied water snake, or as my coworkers called it, a !*^.'~ water mocasin.


10 pointer
Dec 20, 2009
Christian County
As much as I'm outside, everyday, haven't found any. I do have chickens and guineas that eat them, but I'm also out in the pasture fields and woods and haven't seen any there.....yet. Now, I have had some people tick me off. Does that count?

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