Another tick disease


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Jul 14, 2014
YEP!! That is all we need now, another disease transfer from a Tick. Wonder if the Deer herd will become infected.


May 28, 2003
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Just put some pour on wormer down their backs. Once maybe twice a year an that should take care of the ticks.

After some research and talking to Animal Health personnel, any pour on product that controls flies should help with ticks. Ivermectin based, Standguard would work best on bulls as it will last up to 5 months but do not overdo it or they could have fertility issues.
Max 40 fly tags work on ticks. I would take 2 of those max 40 fly tags with a zip tie an put them right about the switch on a bulls tail. Do not tighten the zip tie up all the way. Leave it loose.
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Aug 14, 2009
Lawrence Co.
Wonder where these came from,another lab made thing you reckon ,or just drop out of the air.That sounds like the making of a lot of protein,being destroyed,in the future.

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