Another bait ban proposal?

Discussion in 'Deer Hunting' started by KYBOY, May 24, 2019.

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    Dec 10, 2001
    This isn’t exactly baiting, but deer love it. Some people call it a mineral stump, because you have a small tree’s root system sucking minerals from the ground and concentrating those minerals into a few small sprouts.

    Here’s the “stump” but it’s a little one. I laid a couple of trees over for firewood back before Spring greenup. One of them bent this little maple over, and it sprouted the same as if it had been cut off.
    Deer here are drawn to these like freakin’ magnets.
    By the way, I had 4 pounds of ticks on me after I got down on the ground to get that bottom picture. I hope all y’all losers appreciate how much effort I put into my posts.:D:rolleyes:
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    Jul 28, 2013
    I don’t think we’ll see a statewide baiting ban instituted, but if cwd is ever detected, they will enact a hot zone ban around the effected area. It would cover many counties-much like Michigan is doing.
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    If I had a face like that, I wouldn't dare call another person anything. ;)
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    Sep 9, 2012
    Butler co
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    Lmao @ ^^^^^
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    " Between the Rivers "
    Not trying to be condescending to anyones thoughts on the subject as I’ve baited / ran feeders in the past. But we quit about 10 years ago on our place.... and honestly our deer hunting & overall quality of the bucks were taking has improved greatly. We still run mineral licks and try to keep a few acre plot of clover.... we’ve also spent the last 30 years improving habitat on the place and have provided about 50 acres of sanctuary that we don’t deer hunt period. Being it was a bedding area that no matter how you approach your bumping deer out. We finally decided to quit trying to hunt that portion of the place...and at least in my mind has been a critical piece of the puzzle.

    Bottom line is supplemental feeding or even food plots are not necessary for our deer to survive in KY. Our winters and mortality rates on deer are not that bad. Heck more get killed by vehicles in November than die of starvation. Baiting is just not necessary and does absolutely nothing to promote heard health of whitetails. Fact is...I think now in most cases hunters can hurt their hunting by the constant spreading of scent or bumping deer as they try to replenish. Same can go for cameras and pulling cards periodically. It’s just a fact that when a whitetail buck goes from 3-4 years of age ..they start becoming a different critter and wont necessarily tolerate a lot of repeated intrusion of a particular area. I’ve seen this myself on several occasions and honestly relate once we stopped it... we saw a rather quick improvement.

    Which I’m not getting into what is considered baiting or not... I look at differently to the extent what’s the better option from the perspective of spreading disease from a nose to nose, nose to mouth or in the case of EHD....congregating a large number of deer in one spot. This is where food plots, mast or fruit bearing trees or conventional ag fields separate themself in comparison to a pile of corn or feeder. These areas allow for the deer to be dispersed and from anyone whose hunted white oak mast, food plots or ag fields ... there’s no real rhyme or reason on how or where they enter the areas. Which hunting muzzleloader or modern firearm where you drastically extend the range, may have the advantage. But to the archery hunter just throw the dice. Which if you consider plots, crops or oaks bait... I’m sure on many fronts your correct. But its hard to get past the dispersement part for me in comparison to a corn pile.

    As of now baiting is legal in KY... when I started deer hunting it was’nt. So...personally I don’t have no ill feelings toward anyone that does. But with impact on fall turkeys, disease potential, etc.... it wont hurt my feelings at all to see it go away. Just my opinion & mileage may vary.
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    Oct 18, 2013
    West Liberty, Ky
    I agree with a lot of what you're saying, however it also appears that you own many acres of land, since you say you have 50 acres you never go in, so I'm gonna guess you have at least 100 acres, probably more to hunt. You must realize that many hunters don't have the access to the acres you have to hunt. Therefore, small tracts of land that don't have mast producing oaks and clover plots must have some supplemental feeding to even stand a chance at drawing a deer in. Personally, I'm not one of those, I have access to a few farms that I can plant plots in and such but I've had a lot of the opposite experience as you. We planted nice winter wheat cover crops and saw our Mature buck numbers go down. Yep, the wheat sure drew the deer in but drew the deer in just to be poached by deer and fox hunting neighbors when we were not present, since we don't live there. We found that when we let the fields grow up some and used corn to attract deer to more isolated parts of the farm, our mature buck chances went way up. We have fed corn and not fed corn but have found that while mature bucks usually won't come to a corn pile in the daylight, the does will and while the mature bucks may not be eating over that pile, it will draw them to parts of your farm nonetheless.
    I also agree that at a certain point a buck becomes a different creature. I'm also in the belief that different bucks have different personalities and tolerances to things. For example, I've seen and killed mature bucks 4 years plus in open woods and close to corn piles while other mature bucks would only visit in the dead of night. So, for me, it just depends on the deer and the situation.
    So, to wrap-up, I agree with a lot of your tactics and techniques but find some other parts of it to just be personalized and not for everyone.
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    Sep 7, 2014
    I think ft Knox is a good example of no baiting and great deer hunting, to my knowledge those deer just live off the land and some nice ones in that herd, I have no problem how you hunt, but I have seen some extreme corn feeders and such and it just doesn’t seem normal, I have hunted over corn, apples, peanut butter, sugar beets, soybeans, ect, it all boils down to right place right time,
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    Jun 28, 2012
    Like what JD said above about the sanctuary. If you enough space to do that it certainly helps. Keep in mind that mineral licks (human made) are considered baiting by KDFWR. Remember we had this discussion back prior to turkey season and someone provided the footage where they said it was illegal to hunt turkeys where mineral had been put out. Obviously, viewing minerals as a bait/game attractant. To each his/her own, and people can believe and do what they want, just saying placing minerals is viewed as baiting by authorities in this state. Hard to believe that after all the years of posts/threads/discussions we can still have so many pages about baiting and crossbows. LOL!
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    Jun 12, 2005
    " Between the Rivers "

    I very well understand that everyone’s hunting areas are different....especially those hunting small parcels. Which again its a legal practice and don’t blame anyone for utilizing legal means to attract deer to their properties.

    Which I started deer hunting as a kid in the late 70’s & early 80’s.... here in the far western end of the state we simply didn’t have good populations of deer with exception of LBL. The deer hunting in my home county was rough....not unusual to go an entire season and not see a deer. You were pretty excited to even see a track and if you knew someone that actually killed a deer in the county...that individual was revered as a great deer hunter...even if it was a scrawny 6 point. It was a different time and baiting deer was non existent. You actually had to hunt them ...literally...and attracting deer was not in anyone’s vocabulary.

    Now fast forward to the late 80’s & early 90’s..... populations seemed to boom overnight. Deer were plentiful and regulations were changing. Baiting was in the early stages....and by the late 90’s & 2000’s its became common place to put corn out. Which here we are today..... panties get wadded easily on any discussion of doing away with baiting.

    From my perspective ....I’ve seen baiting evolve to almost a competition level. Being every hunting property is competing with their surrounding properties to see who can attract and draw deer. Which i’ve been there and done that.... no harsh words from me. But were at a scale of baiting across KY thats unreal....and engrained in a few generations as this is how you hunt deer. In turn take a good mast crop year and many are freakin lost as an Easter egg on why the deer aren’t hitting their corn piles & feeders like their supposed to. They honestly don’t know how to adapt, adjust and actually hunt deer as they have become so reliant on attracting deer to them

    To me..... and not saying I’m right or wrong.... but I’d like to see a level playing field without baiting. Which large or small properties... no ones baiting and no competition between properties. Deer feed and travel naturally without the influence of bait. Hunters would actually have to scout, adapt to changing food sources and hunt deer as it was intended.

    It would be an interesting doubt.
  11. DH13

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    Jan 13, 2012
    Shelby county
    To bait or not to bait. I have put out corn but now I don't. But I do put out food plots. Son put out corn last year and put a camera on it. But hunted 80 to 100 yards from it. I have more luck with food plots and habitat management. I don't knock ones who do. Their choice. If [email protected] steps in and out laws it. Then just sow food plots. Even if it is just on small acreage. Be surprised on what and 1/8th to 1/4er ac will bring in. Small plots don't need a lot of equipment. Rake will do. Round up to kill off weeds rake ground sow seed. Sit back and wait.
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    Oct 18, 2013
    West Liberty, Ky
    I remember those days, in the late 80's for me, still wasn't many deer around. Killed my first deer at the Depot in Richmond in 88, I was 15. For the last few years, I've been baiting some to get my boys a shot at anything with an antler and its worked well for them. I usually hunt the deep woods and focus on funnels during the rut for a couple of weeks. I set in a stand, in the same tree, I killed my first "big buck" a good 10 point in 1995. They use the same ole travel routes year in and year out unless something unforeseen was to happen around the area.
    I was lucky enough last fall to kill my biggest buck to date, he scored right at 170 after deductions. There were feeders at 5 different sites and all with camera's out and he never once ate from one of those locations at day or night. However, the neighbors, two farms over had been running food at high volumes for months and years. Once I killed him and they found out, they sent me tons of pictures of him eating at their feeding stations both day and night and had pictures of him for 4 years but could not catch up with him. He was a 6.5 year old deer that they had personally seen 4 times but never in the right situation and seen him numerous times in one of their fields, at night. I guess the good guy above just sent that creature my way.
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    A level playing field would be awesome but of course alot of land would be deemed unhuntable due to legit farming. If it's grown by man it's not natural so deer won't move naturally around it. Even a man made pond would make the land unhuntable because deer might drink from it. Adjoining land couldn't be hunted because deer movement on it would be influenced too. I hunted for years without ever even thinking about baiting and was lucky to be able to hunt a whole lot. I had shots on deer probably at least 90 percent of my hunts with a bow. But then coyotes and the telepoach system entered the picture and deer numbers went down drastically and quick. It got so bad I almost stopped hunting. After all, who wants to sit in a tree day after day without seeing a deer? I seriously doubt there's ever been anyone that's loved deer hunting more than I did. I actually told my ex I'd rather be dead than to not be able to hunt. Damnnnn, I had it bad. Being able to use bait was the only thing that kept me from stopping even tho I still had many hunts without seeing a deer. Deer numbers are finally getting some better around here, I haven't seen or heard any coyotes for a few years. I guess with not much to eat they have to move on to greener pastures but without a doubt with deer making a come back they'll return too as will the poachers especially with the latest telepoach system. Some people have to realize just because hunting is good where they hunt it doesn't mean it is everywhere. Yeah, it would be interesting but could you imagine how much crying the dept would do because so many people would stop hunting from not having a place worth hunting?
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    Dec 10, 2001
    Right or wrong, I agree with you. I think this goes double for the next generation.

    A few years ago, a friend of my son’s came over and shot a doe. It was only his second deer, first with a crossbow, he was pumped. He and my son were texting their buddies while we worked it up. One of them got a text from someone saying that it wasn’t fair how many deer we’d seen that night (5 or 6), when he hadn’t seen that many deer all season. The boys felt sorry for the guy who wasn’t seeing much. The one who shot the doe said something like,”Why does he even keep going hunting if he doesn’t see any more than that?”.
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    You can pay a "biologist" to tell you anything you want to hear, what ever makes you feel better about what you already want to do.

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