Annual playa haters thread of hate 18-19


12 pointer
Jan 18, 2009
ohio county ky
I'll take the Yammy for being a Tank (And I actually know what a tank can do) and for great reliability plus mileage that is phenomenal for a 2 stroke.
I love my merc but mileage def isnt her strong point. That's really my only complaint with the motor it loves the fuel. But it sure will take a beating. I ain't mad at a Yamaha they are good motors.

Marsh CallUser

12 pointer
May 20, 2011
Bowling Green, KY
After season is over yall yammy boys gonna have to be ready to look at the backend of a merc at the 1st annual KHF green river duck boat races. Wont have no time for lookin at no pictures. Ok I lied my junks slow. I haven't got to hunt in a week and duster hasn't been making a fool of himself to keep me amused. I'm hating the playa the game and everything associated at this point.

I race for pinks.

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