And people wonder why the republican far right/dumbasses are embarrassing to me.


12 pointer
Dec 17, 2007
Greenup Co.
Many of these outlandish conspiracy theories are started by influencers working for nefarious entities. (including our own government) They want certain groups to start sharing them, and either making them seem legit for their own purposes, or to make certain groups look like a bunch of nutjobs. Of course if it is the right bunch, the media will pick up that ball and run with it. China alone has millions of Chinese internet "influencers" pushing whatever agenda the CCP wants, and they do it for a paycheck. They even have a name for them.. the "Fifty Cent Army"....and the white foreigners that sell out to them are called "white monkeys". Don't believe everything you read, especially if it makes true Conservatives look bad.