An excess of caution


10 pointer
Nov 22, 2020
Caneyville, Ky
My wife was trying to explain it to me earlier. And from what I understand is that she falsely accused Emmett Till in 1955, but i dont know what they’re protesting. And while I believe if she actually did falsely accuse him, that is very wrong and she’s had to live with it all of these years. I don’t know what, if anything that can be done about it.


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Jul 30, 2022
Marshall County
Who are the “protesters” and what exactly are they “protesting?” The daily Mail article was written by a tard. Who is threatening to shoot people and who are they wanting to shoot?
Your questions should be directed to whoever makes the decisions in Bowling Green... Just sayin'

Myself, personally, I believe the best response to something like this would be to just bring an extra magazine.

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