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    It might be hard to tell from the pictures I posted but these acorns are definitely from a white oak tree. I have several in my back yard as well as Chestnut oak trees in the woods behind my house that are dropping huge acorns this year as well. I use to struggle with identifying different species of oak and still do at times but the leaves are a dead giveaway. Chestnut oak acorns are also about 2-3 times the size of a white oak acorn. If I was at home I would take some pictures for side by side comparison. Anyhow, I'll collect and dump them later in the month and closer to the rut as others suggested here. Also just for reference in t Screenshot_20171006-133537-771x591.png Screenshot_20171006-133459-754x415.png Screenshot_20171006-133929-805x586.png Screenshot_20171006-134005.png he leaf pictures posted are in order.... #1 White Oak... #2 Chestnut Oak. #3 Red Oak. #4 Pin Oak. The white oak has rounded lobes, whereas the red oak and pin oak has pointed lobes. The Chestnut oak leaf is oval and the most easily recognizable in my opinion.
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    Steve, you're correct about the leaves. But I find it hard to
    believe the ground is covered that thick with white oak acorns only. If so, then I'd be picking them up for sure.
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    Dry and in the dark.
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    In my neck of the woods, most seasons, they'll eat a #57 limestone rock before they eat a chestnut oak acorn.
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    They ain't cheap!


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