acorns beginning to drop


8 pointer
Sep 12, 2014
Whitley Co
Thought I would pass along that I found multiple red oaks dropping in Owen County yesterday after finding very few thursday. The deer seemed to be piling in as well. Saw 7 bucks and 9 does while scouting. Seems that mainly just the red and pin oaks have any mast this year.


10 pointer
May 14, 2013
NW Indiana
I was visiting just North of Falmouth Saturday, off Hwy 27. When the breeze would kick up, lots of acorns were falling.


8 pointer
Oct 18, 2013
Owen County
I was scouting oak trees and bedding areas in Owen County last week as well. I struggled to find any trees with acorns. I saw one tree with a light crop out of maybe 50 oaks. I guess I'm going to have to keep searching or maybe do some scouting from a distance (not easy on my farm with all the patches of woods and fields).

I went in with some others to fix some ladder stands in mid-July. I had 2 bucks coming in a few times a week. Since we went in, I haven't seen them. I'm struggling to find them this year.

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