A New Generation Enters

Discussion in 'Deer Hunting' started by shaman, Jun 29, 2018.

  1. shaman

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    I had one of the doe bring her new fawn up into the yard yesterday, and the security camera caught it.


    If you're interested, I have a link to a video here:

    Momma, I want to Swing!

    My guess is she's learned it is safe to stay close to the house. She normally beds just across the road in view of the house. This is the second year I've seen her bring a fawn into the yard.
  2. bah1286

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    Jul 29, 2014
    Back when my wife and I first got married we lived right in town. We had a small field with a few trees in the middle behind our house that was surrounded by houses on three sides and a business on the fourth. Each of the three years we lived there, a doe raised two fawns there. They were never more than 50 yards from the house and you could see them at almost all times. They obviously felt safe there. It is amazing how adaptive they are.
  3. cedar creek

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    Sep 7, 2014
    I used to have a big seed doe hatch out 2/3 fawns a year beside my shop, was neat to watch and gives great respect for the animal and mother instinct they have, neighbors wanting to cut the deer population down and she was on hit list, i
  4. Carpdaddy

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    May 12, 2016
    Corbin, Ky
    5C176B8D-B62F-4B98-AC5E-62E6CF51DCCC.jpeg Cool. I live within the city limits of Corbin, took this picture yesterday from my driveway. My Archery target is in the right corner. Must have been watching me shoot my longbow and saw no danger!
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    Apr 7, 2015
    June 18th is the magic day here for years it's the first day we see fawns in the yard. Wife looks fwd to it every year.
  6. beauhunter41031

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    Jan 1, 2018
    Cynthiana, Ky
    Had to call it a day, small 3 acre field had two babies in it I'll wait till morning when it's cool and walk try to find them, I know they're there and don't want to hit them

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    Aug 14, 2010

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